Introducing: ‘Junk’ Magazine


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Nothing makes us more giddy than the arrival of a new fashion mag—especially when it’s created by two awesome ladies with a killer aesthetic. When Aussie Imogene Barron and Kiwi Lucy Rose relocated to L.A., they  launched Junk to “showcase the diverse talent that this inspiring city produces.” Long story short: they did a dang good job. One flip through the mag, and you’re flooded with anything-but-ordinary photo spreads and on-point musings from contributors like Ed TempletonGusmano Cesaretti, and Nabil Elderkin, just to name a few. The best part? As of today, you can officially swipe up the magazine for yourself. Get a peek of what’s inside below!


Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from?

Imogene: I’m from Avalon, Sydney, Australia. I live in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. I’m the publisher of Junk magazine, creative director and freelance stylist.

Lucy: I’m from a very small town in New Zealand called Piha. I now live in Los Angeles. Along with Imogene, I’m the editor/publisher and intern.

What’s your history–where did you previously work?

Imogene: I was the fashion director of Oyster magazine, Dazed & Confused Australia/New Zealand and Yen magazine. I was also the publisher of Love Want magazine.

Lucy: I’ve been working freelance for the past year over different projects, but prior to that, I worked at Monster Children magazine for a long, long time.


How did you two meet?

Imogene: We met when Lucy first moved to Australia and was working at Insight.

Lucy: This could be debated, but I guess through work, but mainly because Imogene was an ex-boyfriend’s best friend. That was about 10 years ago.

Why did you decide to start a magazine?

Imogene: We felt there was a gap in the market for something fresh coming out of Los Angeles, and we wanted to create something to showcase the diverse talent that this inspiring city produces.

Lucy: We’d both been working in magazines for a long time and when we moved here, we were both surprised that L.A. didn’t seem to have a magazine that represented the side of the city that we had fallen in love with. Plus, we were both working freelance, and a lot of the time it’s difficult to maintain inspiration when you’re working with client briefs.


Tell us about the mag! What’s different about it? Why is it special?

Imogene: It’s an obscure point of view. Most definitely not your run-of-the-mill fashion magazine. It’s about creating diverse ideas and pushing people to think outside the square.

Lucy: This is a hard question! We have a genius creative director, Brian Roettinger, who is always thinking outside of the box. While we’re very much about quality, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I like to think that we approach everything from an artistic perspective—the photographers, the models, our profiles. It’s not about making it perfect as much as it is celebrating what everyone contributes to an image or a story.

What inspired you to create this magazine?

Imogene: Los Angeles, and I like the way Lucy’s brain works.

Lucy: This list could go on for pages, but mainly my friends and my husband.


Who will be contributing in your debut issue?

Lucy: We were so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends that were excited to be a part of it: Ed Templeton, Gusmano Cesaretti, Sarah Soquel Morhaim, Nabil Elderkin, Alexis Ross, Stella Maxwell and so many other talented people.

What are the challenges and rewards of creating your own magazine? Any advice for ladies that want to create their own publication?

Imogene: I always honestly believe you can do anything you put your mind to. Stay inspired, determined and, above all, have the confidence to achieve your dreams.

Lucy: Challenges: time, money, trying to fit everything you want to into a certain number of pages. Rewards: complete freedom, working with incredible people and having a valid excuse to contact your idols and work with them.

What can we expect in the next issue?

Imogene: If we tell you then it won’t be a surprise!