Nasty Necessities: Our New Year’s Eve Survival Kit

3, 2, 1…

Wattz Up Pepto Dismal External Battery, Boogie Wonderland Mesh Earrings, Skinnydip London Don’t Hesitate to Flask – St. Tropez, Whiting & Davis Take Charge Mesh Card Holder, Fuck Yeah Calling Card Set, W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit – Moscow Mule, Chasing Cars Rhinestone Cuff

We pop champagne on New Year’s to celebrate the year ahead, but this 31st we’re toasting to the end of the insane ride that’s been 2016 (RIP, forever and ever). Whether you’ve been telling everyone you want a “chill” New Year’s—whatever that means—or have plans to go out and all out, you probably want to look your best/prepare for at least a mild headache the morning after. We know you’re busy, so we rounded up the necessities for a night of cocktails and confetti. Get at us, 2017.

1. Pasties. There’s no better time to wear a backless dress than NYE, and no better time to wear pasties than with a backless dress. Also, comfort comes first. It’s common sense, really.

2. External Battery. With all of the amazing photo-ops happening around you, you can’t afford a dead phone and don’t want to be cuddling in the corner by the charger all night. This battery is the sh*t and sure to make people smile.

3. Fancy Jewelry. Don’t miss the chance to get fancy AF. Pile on the shine with a pair of mesh earrings or a rhinestone bracelet—or both.

4. Flask. Face it—portable booze is never a bad idea. Bring the good stuff for yourself or bottle up some champagne and escape to the roof with a handsome stranger at midnight. We’re partial to a festive flask, ’cause NYE without glitter is just another Saturday.

5. Fancy Shot Glasses. Feeling the pressure of being that perfect host? Impress your friends with shot glasses that didn’t come from college parties or that last tropical vacation you went on. This is called ‘Adulting.’

6. Eye Mask. When it comes time to pass out—or go back to sleep in the a.m.—you’ll want to do it in peace. Have an eye mask on hand for maximizing your beauty sleep. Bonus: it doubles as a do not disturb sign.

7. Wallet. Don’t run the risk of losing your ID because it slipped out of your jacket when you weren’t looking. Pare your wallet down to the important things and carry them in this can’t-miss shiny little card holder.

8. Calling Cards. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to scope out a potential special someone, at least for the inevitable kiss. You can always use your phones to trade information, but carrying cheeky calling cards is so much classier.

9. Cards ‘n Cash. It always pays to have a well-stocked wallet. A credit card is key but cash is also crucial. Think cash-only bars and bodegas, group alcohol runs, and hostesses who can’t seat you for another 20 minutes.

10. Cocktail Kit. Regardless of whether you’re hopping on a plane this holiday or not, a carry-on cocktail kit can really come in handy. Three words: hair of the dog.

11. Champagne. Pop, fizz, drink.

Don’t think we forgot about the clothes. Sort out your look, below.