The 5 Iconic Party Girls

Because it’s selfish to stay home. 

We’ve all been there—uber is surge pricing, your hermit tendencies landed you a hot date with Girls reruns, and your couch pattern is beginning to leave indents (we don’t judge). Let’s be honest, there’s an infinite number of good reasons to stay in—but a good outfit might just be enough to put your party shoes on (literally). With party season on the horizon, we’re celebrating the loft-hopping, page six-making icons you wish were on your guest list. Although these It-girls have hung up their party hats, we’re still inspired by their enviable cool-girl ensembles, impressive legion of fans, and soirée etiquette. These are the 5 It-girls who mastered the art of partying.


No one made us feel more confident in our velour tracksuits than the Queen of L.A. herself, Paris Hilton. As an active member of the Hollywood party scene in the early aughts, the heiress is no stranger to partying hard—she literally made a business out of it. In honor of the wild child who made small dogs a mandatory accomplice, try a glitter dress, rhinestone choker, and lucite heel. In the words of Paris, “That’s hot.”


We love a woman who knows how to make an entrance, and when you enter a party on horseback, you make our list of iconic party girls. Bianca Jagger cemented herself as the ‘70s It-girl, suiting up in her signature menswear ensembles that were made for dance floor longevity. For some serious power play, grab a structured blazer and pants, finished with oversized shades.


Who else to help you get dressed for a night out than the eccentric Factory girl, Edie Sedgwick? The model turned actress was the original party girl—THE It-girl of the ‘60s. Besides being Andy Warhol’s muse, a signature pixie cut, and art deco jewelry, the socialite knew how to party. Go in all monochrome with a fitted black dress and faux fur coat, complete with a patent heel.


A pioneer of ‘90s grunge, Kate’s unapologetic sentiment and sartorial hits changed the way we consume fashion. There’s a reason why her look defined an era—and she always brought the party. For a Moss-approved ensemble, try a lace top, fitted skirt, and an oversized blazer.


From child star to troubled teen, to author and mom, we’ve seen many iterations of Drew (and we’ve loved all of them). The epitome of a wild child, Drew swiftly moved into the spotlight after a series of stunts—nude shoots, flashing Letterman, a rehab check-in, the works. Although she’s slowed down her party ways, Drew will always be one of our fave party girls. Pay homage to the ‘90s icon with a satin dress and shiny heel—swipe on a red lip for a complete look.

Let’s face it, it’s been a long week. Shop our Party Shop for more night-out conversation starters.

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