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Sexy lingerie sets to drive ‘em wild.


By Kristin Kennedy–Brown


Because foreplay doesn’t just start in the bedroom. Whether you’re building up chemistry on a night without your other half, kickstarting your own libido, or even just taking a bomb AF pic to remind yourself you’re a bad bitch… May we suggest a few two-piece and three-piece sexy lingerie sets? Each one designed to get pulses racing, every damn time. (Even if it is via your iPhone screen). Let’s face it, is there anything more empowering than throwing on brand new underthings and working exactly what ya mama gave ya?

Here’s 5 Nasty lingerie sets guaranteed to put in all of the work for you.

The Seamless Nights Lingerie Set:

Shop the red seamless bralette

Shop the pink seamless racerback bralette

You know what they say? Seamless is more… And they sure as hell were right with this one. These babies are supportive, carve-curving and hella comfy. Meaning they have you feeling your best just about always. Effortless and empowering, they’re the kinda lingerie that’s low-key and down for whatever. Rock a V-neck ribbed bralette and matching high-leg panties. Great for accentuating your best bits on the days you don’t feel like reaching for the suspenders.

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The Sexy Lingerie Set:

Shop the black lace lingerie set

Shop the white scallop lingerie set

Lace get down to business… Similar to a seamless number, a sexy bra and panty set is a go to in our lingerie drawer. Think delicate, eyelash lace detailing, scalloped edges, and mesh and fishnet fabrics. A little touch of fancy to help you ooze body positivity on the inside as well as the outside. Loved up? Prolonging the honeymoon phase is an always in our books. Opt for a soft toned delicate lace two piece set to show ‘em exactly how you love to love them. Predate, postdate, or aiding with the long distance situ you’re in… These babies are here for you whatever.

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The Lingerie Suspender Set:

Shop the red lace suspender lingerie set

Shop the white lace suspender lingerie set

Our kinda threesome. Hot as hell 3-piece lingerie sets for (un)dressing to impress. Date tonight? Set the predate scene in an eyelash lace bralette, panty and suspender set. Warning: may result in cancelled dinner plans… You’re cool with that, right?

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The Lingerie Bodysuit

Shop the lace high leg lingerie bodysuit

Shop the lace cupped lingerie bodysuit

Looks like a basic (even though it’s anything but). Why not send a snapshot selfie with a tie front, semi sheer shirt. Subtle but with no compromise on the tease. Team with or without those jeans that make your ass look good… either way. Go for semi sheer lace fabrics, structured satins, and mesh and fishnet panelling to take things to the next level.

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The Corset Lingerie Set

Shop the black lace corset thong lingerie set

Shop the white lace corset thong lingerie set

When love takes over and you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this’ll help. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. Go that extra mile in a cupped, boned corset lingerie set. Just like a bodysuit, this baby looks rad with or without straight-leg jeans and heeled mules. Great for setting the tone for those after-dinner plans. And they look major under that semi-sheer blouse of yours.

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The Experimental Type: Hot lingerie

Shop the black lace lingerie set

Shop the red eyelash lace lingerie set

This baby isn’t necessarily a specific type of lingerie. Think of this as your night-time drawer wild card. You know the kind. That racy lingerie set that is just categorically too damn good to wear with your day-to-day clothes, and perhaps a little impractical. Maybe it’s a pair of crotchless panties, a 4-piece lingerie ensemble, or even just a 2-piece set in an outrageous red. Whatever it is, it’s hella hot.

Hey, this doesn’t have to stop at sexting. It is a known fact that buying lingerie is a form of self-care. Sometimes you’ve just gotta throw one on, slap on a facemask and parade around your apartment. As Jane Birkin once said, “When you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.”

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