A Taste of Tayce

Drag sensation, lip sync assassin and the face of our killer new collection. Get to know.


By Aimee OLoughlin


Meet Tayce drag queen, drag sensation and the lip sync assassin who caught the world’s attention on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK with her unyielding confidence, boundless magnetism and her ability to transform every sidewalk into a runway (so much yes). Just a few of the many reasons why we asked her to front our new collection, a capsule inspired by the rebellious attitude of Glam Rock, from glitzy metallics to all-eyes-on-me lingerie. (Iconic is an understatement.) We sat down to chat all about the future of drag, femme fatales and the glory that is Heinz beans.

Out of all the looks you’ve ever created, which is your favorite, and why?

I went to The Life Ball in 2018 and I had nothing to wear. So, I bought this floral and green ostrich feather and leotard. I put it all together and made this fabulous gown. It was gorge. I don’t make a lot of my stuff, I usually get someone to make it for me. So yes, that was probably the best, The Life Ball.

What are some of your influences when you put together an outfit? 

Bad bitches, femme fatales, powerful women, people who look very sinister but are sweet underneath, heavily reflective space ships, Alien vs. Predator, and Sigourney fuckin’ Weaver.

Where do you see the future of drag?

I see the future of drag everywhere. It’s become so mainstream now, more so than it was before. Here I am doing an edit with Nasty Gal, I mean if that isn’t progression for drag queens I don’t know what is. I think it’s going to be all over the place, in fighting games, in wrestling rings, all over pavlova.

How important is social media for a drag queen’s artistic expression? 

I think it’s very important, because you can get someone from the other side of the world seeing your shit. It’s a really great platform to show off what you’ve got and what you can do. Back in the day, drag queens were probably just preforming in pubs and their only promotion was through word of mouth. Now it’s so easy to get that tenfold online.

What does it mean to be a Nasty Gal? 

Well honey, it means everything. To be a Nasty Gal you’ve got to be nasty, you’ve got to be edgy, you’ve got to be funky fresh, and hey, I’m all of those things. You’ve got to be an inspiration otherwise why else would you have someone like me doing an edit. I think you’ve got to be someone who can wear basically a plastic bag and make it look amazing. For me to be on this Nasty Gal campaign wearing this good shit… Bitches are gonna GAG. It means everything, baby.

Which piece do you love the most out of the collection? 

The vests. I mean come on, that’s me through and through. I want to get a hundred of them, and make a big fat gown out of them. Like Cruella, in the latest movie with the garbage dress.

When did your love affair with Heinz beans begin?

Probably ever since I was a tiny tiny little baba. I always remember my mom and my nan and everyone making beans on toast. I’d go to my grandma’s house in the Valleys, and she’d always have the butter and the ketchup. No one knew about the butter and the ketchup, but I sure did and now I’m telling the world! Loved it for life, and I’ll never stop.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Don’t take life too seriously. I think everyone puts a lot of pressure on themselves daily to be perfect and get things right 24/7. At the end of the day, it’s not about that. You have your low moments and your high moments, the yin and the yang. You can’t have the good without the bad. Just don’t take life too seriously… You’re doing fine bitch.

When was your first ever drag performance? 

When my friend put me in to do a drag competition in Camden without my knowledge and told me two days before that I was in said competition. I went in there, slayed things up and went on to win it. Cheryl Hole was judging me actually. Yeah, that was in March 2017.

How are you celebrating Pride this year? 

Just out and about being myself in tenfolds, really. I’m not doing anything too different, I’m just, y’know,  being the biggest gay that I can. You’ve just gotta be out there… When someone calls you ‘f*ggot’ in the street, which they sometimes will… Attack back by being you through and through. Never change. That’s me, bitch.

How does it feel to be a role model for young queer people of color? 

It means everything. You’ve got to have role models out there. When I was younger, I had my role models of color and people that I looked up to, like Prince. But there was never a gay, black, Welsh drag queen so I’m happy that I can be that person now.

What advice do you have for young aspiring drag queens? 

Practise, practise, practise. If it’s what you want to do, keep doing it. You’ve got to do what makes you happy in life. Own your craft and accept your failures. You may look a bit crap in the beginning, I think every drag queen does to be honest… I did. You practise, you get it together, and you work on it.

How do you build up confidence? 

Tell yourself that you’re great even on the days you don’t feel it. Remind yourself, ‘I’m that bitch and you can’t fuck with me’.

For more of Tayce, give her a follow at @itstayce and be sure to check out the collection if you know what’s good for you.

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