Vamp. It. Up. Halloween Makeup You Can Do at Home


By Neijah


A scary good makeup look ft. products you already have in your bag!

Makeup by Erin N. Pea
Modeled by Marlene Luciano

Last minute halloween makeup is a thing. We know because we always end up sorting through tutorials just before heading out to that last minute costume party. This time around, we’re getting ahead of the mayhem with a simple vampy makeup tutorial–and get this, we’re pretty sure everything you need for it is already in your makeup bag!

Step 1: To start your halloween makeup look using products you already have in your makeup bag, we’re going to use a concealer as an eyeshadow primer and set it with a translucent powder.

Step 2: Our look is a smokey eye with vampy, red accents. We’re going to use Saddle from Mac. If you’re complexion is on the deeper side, you can use this color. Blend it softly into the crease and underneath the eye toward your nose as well so it creates an angle.

      Step 3: You’re going to use a black shadow on the lower waterline. It needs to be really pigmented in the waterline so go over it multiple times to make sure it’s really deep and rich.

Step 4: Next, you’re going to take a liquid eyeliner to sharpen the line we drew from the nose to make it really defined.

Pro tip: If you don’t get it right the first time, you can use a pointed q-tip – we love the precision q-tips from Amazon. These are super helpful when you’re doing liquid liner in general.

Step 5: Once your bottom eyeliner is dried, you’re going to smoke it out with black eyeshadow. This will give it some drama!

We used “Noir” from Smashbox–onto the lid.
Blend the shadow on the lid. Pack on the black pretty heavy. If you’re having trouble with the black eyeshadow showing up, use your black eyeliner on top.

Step 6: Red! We left negative space in the corners so we can add red “Flame” from Smashbox. Feel free to use any bright reds that resemble blood. We’re going to double back and add red into the crease to make it heavily pigmented.

Bonus Step: Add a black or deep burgundy lip, and you’re done! Drop dead gorgeous.

All done!