Dressing Up With Avalon

What do you get when you cross a creative hybrid, DJ, singer, and Instagram pro? You get Avalon, and if you haven’t seen this dream girl lurking yet, you’re going to be hooked.


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The artist behind the Insta handle Avalon Lurks is as alluring as you’d imagine. If her shadowy ensembles and revamped goth vibes aren’t enough to make you rewatch The Craft, the multi-talented Californian also writes, produces, and directs her own music–one of her most recent videos, Catholic Girls 2, is a must-watch. In a time of Instagram superstars and Internet girls galore, Avalon is worthy of attention. We caught up with the artist to get a closer look at what she’s all about.

So, Avalon Lurks. Real name or is it reflective of your social media habit? (We’re lurkers, too).

Fake name, it was given to me by my friend when I was trying to come up with a funny Insta handle, and it just caught on. I just want to clarify that my music project’s name is just “AVALON”.

Where are you from, and how did you end up in Los Angeles?

I’m from Santa Ana, California. I think that anyone who is in the arts has to make the move to the city to be a part of the culture–I had to at least. It’s not super far from where I’m from, so it was a very natural transition. Although I must say, I have so much love for Orange County.

Where did your interest in music come from and how did you get into it?

I feel like I had no choice but to be into music and eventually become a musician or artist because so many of the people I grew up around were super passionate about art. I could feel that as a child, and wanted to grow into that eventually. My father, who’s one of my best friends, is a musical encyclopedia. He showed me a lot of stuff that would have taken years for me to come across on my own. My life literally revolves and has always revolved around music.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I would like for my music to feel like the color periwinkle.

How do your music and fashion senses intersect? How do you approach your fashion choices on stage versus your everyday look?

My stage looks are just amped up versions of my everyday looks.

What’s the best outfit you’ve ever worn? Worst outfit?

All of my worst outfits are my best.

You paint, direct your own music videos, model, sing, DJ… what do you do when you’re not being a talented goddess?

I eat a lot, I read a lot, I talk a lot of shit, listen to a lot of music, and do a lot of yoga.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

My future self because I think I’ll have figured out all the sounds and the sonic aesthetic of what I am currently trying to get to

Three things you can’t function without? 

Earphones, notebook, pen.

How do you feel about the Los Angeles artist community? How has it inspired you?

I respect that it’s multi-faceted and everyone is trying to target their niche. There have been certain individuals who have inspired me the most, but it’s the POC and LGBTQ communities that inspire me and give me the most life.

Where do you hope to go from here?


Photos by Bridgette Bayley