What to Wear to a Festival 101

Outfits for festivals. Time to get wild and well-dressed.


By Lucy Mahoney


Drop the glitter. Seriously, hands where we can see ‘em. Gone are the days of “boho” babes in grungy boots and flowers in their hair. It’s 2021, baby. And let’s be honest, after the year we’ve had we’re not here to play. We’re here to fucking party. So don’t lose sleep over outfits for Coachella or crowd surfin’ closet logistics (that’s fashion math, FYI). We Nasty Gals have handpicked this year’s essential festival pieces to add an extra somethin’ to your raving outfits this summer. And honey, they’re not for the faint-hearted. We’re talkin’ bold, statement, all-eyes-this-way pieces we’d argue belong on that smokin’ bod. Ready for some serious festival inspo? We’ll see you backstage…

Statement Flares:

Shop the brown flare pants

Comfort is key when getting down and dirty on the dance floor (showers bein’ optional and all…) so bless your bottom half and kick-off festival season with a pair of stellar statement flares. We’ll be honest, the return of these 70s-inspired babies have stolen our stone-cold hearts. But when it comes to any kind of rave clothing, we don’t advocate playing it safe (hell no). So add some ignition to that music festival outfit and rock an in-your-face, just try-an’-miss-me flare pant. With music that loud, you gotta make that outfit even LOUDER, with animal print, neons, graphics, and patterns. Pair with a cute ass bandana top or a cropped tee for a total crowd-pleaser look.

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Body Harnesses:

Shop the black harness

Freak in the sheets… and on the dance floor. It’s time to introduce this baby to the world. Hotter than hell, the harness is the new accessory that’ll take your festival outfit ideas to the main stage (we’re talkin’ headliner, girl). Whether it’s an under-bust number peeking out of your denim shorts, or a whole body kind of commitment, this kickass accessory will turn heads, no question. If you’re into punk rock, turn up the heat in a patent leather leg harness and team with fishnet tights and distressed shorts. Or, if subtle is more your thing, go for a clear wrap-around under-bust harness with a bralette and wide-leg pants. Either way, strap yourself in and dance all the way over to the nearest stage.

Oversized Band T-Shirt:

Shop the black AC/DC band T-shirt

Shop the white Diana Ross band T-shirt

For the season that’s all about the music. If you’re feelin’ nostalgic or forever in love with grunge Miley circa ’12 (we get it, it was a total moment), then this one is for you. Oversized band tees are making their own comeback (a reunion tour… if you will). But forget tucking into your tiniest daisy dukes. It’s 2021 and we’re all about feelin’ wild and free, so air that body and style your roomiest band tee as a dress, pair with your fave biker boots add a fanny pack, and prepare to dance off tomorrow’s hangover. Got a little more to give? Why not team with longline mesh biker shorts (we know, we know, zero practicality but style… off. the. (top 40) charts).

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Shop the orange bucket hat

Shop the grey bucket hat

It’s not up for question, doll. The pièce de résistance of any music festival outfit is the crown you’re spotted wearing. This includes bucket hats, cowboy hats, bandanas, and fedoras. Hey, we’ll even throw in visors…although we don’t condone sunstroke for style, ladies. We gotta say, this season, our heart belongs to the bucket hat. Oozin’ 90s nostalgia, this baby transforms any summer festival outfit. Frame your most important feature in a tie-dye bucket hat and rock with a simple tank, oversized wide-leg pants, and sneakers. Plus, when you’ve sipped on one-too-many rum ‘n cokes and bring out that notorious head spin, you’ve at least got a little protection (we can’t say the same for tomorrow’s social posts).

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Cowboy Boots:

Shop the black ankle cowboy boots

Shop the cream knee-high cowboy boots

No shade, we love a biker boot (just ask the 10 pairs in our closet). But sometimes life calls for a switch-up. So we’re bringing back a retro staple with even more years on its (big ass, western) belt. Enter a killer pair of cowboy boots. Yep, there’s a new sheriff in town…or in the park…or the desert. (Basically wherever you’re gonna be throwin’ some shapes this summer.) And they’re 2021’s festival requisite. Rock these vintage kicks with wide fishnet tights and an oversized T-shirt dress when, let’s be honest, you don’t wanna fuck with bodycon. Or, swap out the T-shirt for a halter top and longline mom shorts and breathe in that festival high. Ahhhhhhhh.

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