Shante, You Stay. The Best Drag Brunch in the US

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By Armarni Lane


With TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dragula bringing the art of drag to the mainstream, the US is a melting pot of drag and LGBTQ+ events, with people throughout the country soaking in the glory of drag brunches. From Atlanta to New York and Maryland to Florida, no country does a drag brunch quite like the US of A. But which US states reign supreme in the drag brunch industry? We’re gonna find out.

Ranking each event based on the number of 4 and 5* reviews, bottomless booze on offer, price and length of the event, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to drag brunches in America.

The Best US States for a Drag Brunch

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1. Maryland: You’ve Been Crowned

Our study found that of all 50 states, Maryland has the best drag brunch scene in the country. Home to the iconic SADBrunch and DIVA Royale Drag Queen show, Maryland’s ‘of Love & Regret’s Drag Brunch’ came out top! A true feast for the senses, the brunch is hosted by drag superstar Pariah Sinclair and offers bottomless mimosas and cocktails. The perfect way to quench a thirst after truly gag-worthy performances.

At only $26 for four and a half hours of live entertainment, it’s no surprise that drag fans from across the country head to the monthly brunch for food, fun and a double dose of drag fun.

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2. New York, a New Era of Drag Dominance

Home to some of the world’s most famous drag queens, our study revealed that New York has the second-best drag brunch scene in the US. Drag Race winners Aquaria, Bob the Drag Queen, and Monét X Change are just a few of the high-profile queens who hail from the Big Apple.

New York’s drag brunch offering includes Lunella’s ​​Countess & Friends Drag Brunch, Bushwick’s Dream Queens and the renowned Troy Beer Garden Drag Brunch.

Troy’s brunch offers a range of packages, with its $85 table package including an open bar (offering wine, beer and mimosas) and a great brunch menu from the 5* Nicole’s Catering. With regular performances from local queens, it’s hosted by Drag Race alum Nicky Doll.

Poppy's Pop-Up Drag Queen Brunch, Sam Hanna

3. Louisiana: the Land of the Lip Sync

Known for its vibrant cultural offerings, love for jazz and Mardi Gras, Louisiana is fast becoming one of America’s drag brunch hot spots. Coming in at third in our study, The Pelican State is the birthplace of Drag Race royalty, including the late, great Chi Chi DeVayne and season six winner Bianca Del Rio.

Louisiana’s show-stopping drag scene includes Poppy’s Pop-Up Drag Queen Brunch and Nolé’s All Aboard the Love Boat Drag Brunch event. With the Decadent Drag Brunch Bingo at the New Orleans Ladies Ballroom being the second-best drag brunch in the country, according to the study. Bottomless cocktails, an array of drag performances and some good old kinky bingo. That’s what we call a full house!

Catch Drag Brunch, Miami - photo: Karli Evans

4. Florida has a Fierce Drag Brunch Scene

With some of Drag Race’s biggest icons (Ginger Minj, Trinity K. Bonet and All-Stars season four winner Trinity The Tuck) hailing from the Sunshine State, it’s no wonder that Florida is a haven for drag brunch enthusiasts.

The R House Drag BrunchHoly Mackerel’s Boozy Babes Drag Brunch and Apollo’s Bistro’s Drag Brunch are all shining examples of drag event excellence. With our study placing them all within the Top 20 drag brunches in the country!

With a total index score of 154, Florida has the fourth-best drag brunch scene in America.

Ohio's Nina West, Drag Race season 12 alumni

5. O-kurrrrrrr, Ohio is a drag delight

Our study found that the state of Ohio has some outstanding drag brunches on offer. From the Bock Family Brewing Drag Brunch in Canterville to Dayton’s Brightside Drag Brunch, the Midwestern state has a variety of experiences catering to each taste.

Have a soft spot for camp comedy queens? Miss Congeniality Nina West is a regular face on Ohio’s drag brunch circuit. Love alternative drag? Look no further than Below Zero Lounge’s Tim Burton’s Drag Brunch, a splendid display of fabulously freaky drag.

Coming in at fifth in our study of the best US states for drag brunch, Ohio’s drag scene will have you saying “okuuuuuuuuur” at every turn.

The Best Drag Brunches in the US

#1 of Love & Regret’s Drag Brunch

Venue: of Love & Regret

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

#2 Decadent Drag Brunch Bingo for The Krewe of Narcissus

Venue: New Orleans Ladies Ballroom, Inc.

Location: Terrytown, Louisiana

#3 A Synful Drag Brunch

Venue: The Artemis

Location: Washington DC

#4 Mad Myrna’s Drag Brunch

Venue: Mad Myrna’s

Location: Astoria, New York City

#5 Drunken Drag Brunch

Venue: Mangoes Restaurant

Location: Key West, Florida

#6 R House Drag Brunch

Venue: R House Wynwood

Location: Miami, Florida

#7 Queens & Cocktails Drag Show + Brunch

Venue: Vertigo Fusion Kitchen

Location: Columbus, Georgia

#8  Broadway Drag Brunch

Venue: LIPS

Location: New York City

#9  Troy Beer Garden Drag Brunch

Venue: The Troy Beer Garden

Location: Troy, New York

#10  A MAY Zing Sundays

Venue: Chill Bar Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, California

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Using design my night and google events, we pulled data on drag brunches across US states. We used metrics to rank where the best branches are, including price and reviews. Where the reviews couldn’t be found for the event alone we used the venue’s reviews as a representation for the ranking.