Shante, You Stay. A Roundup of the Best Drag Brunch Spots in the UK

Mimosas at the ready.




After months of being locked away, the UK is *finally* starting to reopen, which means along with dance floors, karaoke and small talk, we can at last head out for brunch—one of the very few socially acceptable moments where we can drink our body weight in prosecco at midday. Time to dust off those day drinking dresses folks!

There’s one type of brunch that reigns supreme above all others. The Drag Brunch. Because there’s no better backdrop to a boozy brunch than a drag queen doing the splits whilst lip syncing to WAP, is there? And with RuPaul’s Drag Race UK making household names out of queens such as Bimini bon Boulash, Baga Chipz and Tayce, the nation is hungry for a delicious serving of drag darling.

Looking at the number of 4 and 5 star reviews, drinks on offer, price and length of brunch, we’ve put together a guide to the best drag brunches in the UK. Thank us later.

The UK’s Top 10 Drag Brunch Hot Spots

1. London, Baby

(Drag Me To The Disco Bottomless Brunch, Colours Hoxton)

From the disco of the Drag Me To The Disco Bottomless Brunch to the nostalgic naughtiness of the Bottomless Drag Brunch – 90s Girl Bands Edition, these and many others make London a melting pot of drag brunch experiences. So it’s no wonder that Google searches for “drag brunch London” have increased by 2471% in the past year. Holy moly.

Our study found that London’s best drag brunch is the Drag Me To The Disco Bottomless Brunch at Colours Hoxton, Shoreditch. Scoring 131 out of 225, the mix of fully-loaded lip syncs, catwalks, competitions and downright OUTRAGEOUS games, mean you’ll never want to get off this ride to Funkytown. 

2. Manchester’s Mother-tuckin’ Magical Drag


(Bougie Bottomless Drag Brunch, Manchester)

Manchester’s Tuck In: Drag Brunch offers “an all singing, all dancing, brunching experience served up by some of the UK’s best Drag Queens”. With JAW DROPPIN’ immersive performances and bottomless prosecco, it puts the ‘Tuck In’ in tucking terrific. (Sorry, had to.)

With a score of 135 out of 225, it scored the highest out of every drag brunch in the UK. Where do we sign up?

3. Leeds: the Land of the Lip-sync


(Coop Queen Drag Brunch, Leeds)

(Coop Queen Drag Brunch, Leeds)

Leeds is hot on the heels of fellow northern drag brunch hotspot Manchester, with our study crowning it’s Coop Queen Drag Brunch as the third best in the UK with a total score of 131 out of 225. Yowza.

Sit back and tuck into a damn tasty menu while resident coop queens Uma Daze and Mystique do their thang. RuPaul bingo, anyone?

The UK’s Top 30 Drag Brunch Hot Spots

Rank Location Venue Name
1 Manchester Ply Tuck In: Drag Brunch
2 Manchester Locations announced before date Bougie Drag Bottomless Brunch Manchester
3 Leeds Yard & Coop Coop Queen Drag Brunch
4 Shoreditch Colours Hoxton Drag Me To The Disco Bottomless Brunch
5 West End The Loop Drag Brunch – Brunch Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag !
6 Brighton Regency Tavern
7 London The Folly West End Drag Brunch
8 Shoreditch Queen of Hoxton Drag & Waffle Bottomless Brunch
9 London Adventure Bar Bottomless Drag Brunch – 90’s Girlband Edition
10 London Adventure Bar Bottomless Drag Brunch – 90’s Girlband Edition
11 Cardiff Pryzm Bougie Drag Bottomless Brunch
12 London Balls Brothers Ginger’s Big Drag Bottomless Brunch
13 Shoreditch Gigi’s Hoxton Keela Kraving’s Drag Brunch At Gigi’s Hoxton
14 Bristol Revolution DRAG BRUNCH Revolution
15 Shoreditch Mrs Riot Drag Queen Cupcake Bottomless Brunch
17 London, Soho Zebranos DRAG BRUNCHETTE
18 Shoreditch Nikki’s 80’S Bottomless Brunch
19 Manchester Impossible Boy Toy Bottomless Brunch Manchester
20 London Bar Salsa! Temple Go Gaga Bottomless Brunch London
21 Liverpool Blundell Street Music Lounge Linda Golds Funny Boyz
22 Covent Garden Blame Gloria Gloria’s Disco Brunch
23 Shoreditch The Book Club Not Another Drag Brunch
24 Manchester On Bar Buff Bingo Bottomless Brunch Manchester
25 Birmingham Tonight Josephine Josephine’s Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch
26 Manchester On Bar Queen B Bottomless Brunch Manchester
27 Sheffield Revolution Drag Queen Brunch Revolution
28 Birmingham Tonight Josephine BURLESQUE BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH
29 Manchester Locations announced before date Go Gaga Bottomless Brunch
30 Bristol The Cloak and Dagger Drag Me To Brunch!
31 Brighton Proud Cabaret Brighton Brunch With Birch Brighton
32 Birmingham Tonight Josephine It’s Britney Brunch! at Tonight Josephine
33 Liverpool Bierkeller R Brunch BIERKELLER Liverpool
34 Brighton Pryzm Dreamballs Bingo Brighton
35 Manchester Impossible Pride Drag Brunch
36 Nottingham Das Kino Now That’s What I Call Brunch
37 Brighton Pryzm Bougie Drag Bottomless Brunch
38 Liverpool Camp & Furnace Bottomless Drag Brunch starring RuPaul Winner Lawrence Chaney
39 Manchester Bierkeller Tits N’ Teeth Bottomless Brunch!
40 Dublin Bow Lane Drag N Brunch at Bow Lane


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Using Design My Night and Google Events, we pulled data on drag brunches across UK cities. We used metrics to rank where the best branches are, including price and reviews. Where the reviews couldn’t be found for the event alone we used the venue’s reviews as a representation for the ranking.