What do Sex Dreams Mean?

Your questions answered.


By Ruby Moore


Sex dreams can be steamy, sometimes funny, and sometimes confusing. But when we start to look into ‘what do sex dreams mean’, we often find that they have very little to do with sex or sexual attraction. They have much more to do with the complex feelings we have about ourselves and how we relate to the world and people around us.

Sex dream meaning will, of course, be very unique and personal to you. But at the same time, dreams are a shared phenomenon with common scenarios and symbols. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sex dreams, their possible meanings and a few ideas on how to make sexy dreams come true.

Sex with your Boss

One of the most common sex dreams people report is having sex with their boss. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get freaky in the conference room. Your office sex dream is likely more to do with your own authority, professional ambition, or leadership skills. It could also be that you admire your boss or you want to please them…professionally.

Sex with Multiple People

People who dream of having sex with more than one partner at the same time may actually want to fulfil this fantasy in their waking everyday life. But it could also be about wanting more variety, either in their sex life or life in general. If you do wish to bring the dream to reality in a safe and easy way, then the Dual Penetration Vibrator and Anal Beads should do the trick. Just close your eyes and replay the dream!

Sex with an Ex

Dreaming of sex with an ex-partner can be confusing or even worrying, especially if you are in a new relationship. But there’s no need to panic, it doesn’t mean you love your current partner any less. It may mean you miss aspects of yourself when you were with that other person, or that you’re finally getting back to the person you were before the relationship started or ended.

Sex in Public

This is one of those sex dreams with multiple possible meanings depending on how you felt about the sex in the dream, as well as many other personal factors. Dreaming about having sex in a public space can signify a need for attention or a desire to show off your relationship. It could also indicate a fear of public speaking or being exposed.

Again, it could also be that the idea of sex in public and the risk of getting caught really turns you on. It doesn’t have to stay a sex dream though. With Remote Control Knickers Vibrator, you can indulge in a little discreet foreplay in public. Slip the rechargeable vroom bullet into the secret pocket of the lacey panties and let your partner control the sensations via the remote control.

Bondage Sex Dream

Many people have BDSM dreams, either about being tied up and ravished or being the one in control. The meaning of the sex dream will differ depending on whether you’re playing the dominant or the submissive role in the dream. BDSM sex in a dream might mean you’re being too hard on yourself or you’re lacking control in some area.

Of course, it could also mean you just want to explore BDSM in your real-life relationship! If that’s the case, then a Bondage Lingerie Set will be a great way to explore it.

Sex with a Friend

Sex dreams about a platonic friend can often leave us confused, questioning our feelings towards someone we’ve never thought of in a sexual way before. But it’s perfectly natural. To find out what your sex dream means, you might ask yourself what qualities your friend has that you might wish you had too.

Same-Sex Sex Dream

Dreaming of having sex with someone of the same gender is very common, even if you identify as straight. While it could be a sexual curiosity playing out in the safe place of the subconscious, it could also be about needing to embrace your feminine side more. It could also be about the need to love yourself more and pay attention to your own needs.

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