6 Sex Positions to Ride Your Way Out of a Sex Rut

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By Ruby Moore


Couples in a long term relationship or living together can often find themselves in a sex rut. Spontaneous sex, hours of lovemaking, and hot, passionate sessions of sexual acrobatics can turn to a quickie before bed and a peck on the cheek.

The good news is you can reclaim that sexual energy. How? By having more sex.

Exploring different sex positions can be an easy (and orgasmic) way to take your time, reconnect with your partner and experience new realms of pleasure along the way.


Sofa Brace

Recapture those early nights of “Netflix and chill” by getting frisky on the couch. For the sofa brace, lean over the arm of the sofa and hold on as your partner thrusts into you from behind. Just like the doggy style sex position, you get deeper penetration and your G-spot is right on target.


69 Sex Position

The 69 lets you re-explore your partner’s body. But since we’re talking about different oral sex positions, don’t just settle for the classic 69 (woman on top, man on bottom). There are variations to explore, such as:

Inverted 69: The man on top, great if you can deepthroat.

Sideways 69: Both of you lying on your side, which can give better access for some.

Penetrative 69: Oral with added penetration from fingers or toys.


Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

Think regular cowgirl sex position but turned around, so you’re sitting astride your partner facing their feet. Then guide yourself onto their cock (or strap-on). This position lets you take the reins to control the speed, angle, and movement. If you’re usually the more submissive partner, this switch in control can be a real turn-on for you both.


Spiced Up Missionary Sex Position

Missionary may have gotten you into this rut, but there is no reason why it can’t get you back out of it. The familiarity of the missionary sex position means the slightest tweak can be enough to let new sparks fly.

Add massage oil or lube for an extremely wet session slipping up and down each other’s bodies. Light bondage with handcuffs or bondage rope can also make missionary feel like a completely different sex position.

Lotus Sex Position

Have your penetrating partner sit crossed legged as you straddle them and wrap your legs around their waist. This is an intimate position ideal for a slow but intense session. No quickies here!

With bodies pressed tightly together, it’s great for eye contact and whispering sweet nothings or dirty thoughts in your partner’s ear. The deep penetration and clit stimulation won’t go amiss either.


Butterfly Sex Position

Let’s say you start with the missionary sex position, then your partner stands up and pulls you down to the bottom of the bed, raises your legs and rests your ankles on their shoulders. As they hold onto your hips, leaning their thighs against the bed, they can thrust harder and deeper.


Ballet Dancer Sex Position

Facing your partner, stand on one foot, and wrap your other leg around his waist or as high as you can. Standing sex positions like the ballet dancer lend themselves well to outdoor sex. The extra thrill will get your hearts racing and this position is easy to quickly “disembark” from should you need to!


Trying new sex positions can lift you out of your comfort zone and help you discover new things about yourself and your partner. Think of it as going on a sexual adventure together, one that will lead to new realms of pleasure, intimacy and more orgasms. For added pleasure you can see our full range of sex toys here.