5 Fun Sex Positions for the Sexually Adventurous

Take your pleasure to the next level.


By Ruby Moore


A 2017 survey conducted by ONE Condom revealed that 16% of Brits never change position during sex. We’re creatures of habit. Familiarity feels good and when we’re comfortable, we enjoy sex more. But what if you find missionary monotonous and doggy style a drag? If you’re ready to branch out in the bedroom, here are five fun sex positions to try.


Side Saddle

The side saddle is one of the easier fun sex positions to try. The penetrating partner sits at the edge of the bed or in a chair and instead of straddling him, lower yourself down onto him side on, facing away. For him, the angle stimulates areas that don’t normally get attention while it allows you to control the depth of penetration.



If you’re looking for a fun new sex position that will allow you to take control, then try the Amazon. Have your guy (or partner with a strap on) lie down and pull their legs up to their chest. Then, put your legs on either side of their hips and squat down or kneel – whichever is most comfortable. It puts your guy in a position more common for women while you take on his thrusting role.


The Overpass

This unusual sex position requires a little flexibility but will make you feel like an acrobatic porn star. Lie on your back with your legs raised and let them fall behind your head. Stabilize your torso using your elbows on the ground and hands holding your hips. Your partner will stand above you and squat down to penetrate from above. The angles allow them to go much deeper.



Hogtie is a kinky sex position from the BDSM world. A hogtie is where the willing but submissive partner’s wrists and ankles are bound and tied together behind their back. It leaves room for penetration, oral (giving or receiving) and sets the scene for BDSM fun.

If you’re the rope master, have your partner lie on their stomach, hands behind their back and their knees bent so that their ankles are in the air. Tie their ankles together, then tie their wrists and then tie fasten them to each other. 

Other than a willing participant, you’ll need some bondage rope which has been specially designed for restraining during sex play. It feels silky smooth on the skin, and won’t pinch or leave rope burns. Just memories of a hot and steamy night!


Having a varied sex life can be a relationship booster, reigniting that spark or just by keeping things fresh and exciting. With so many new sex positions to try, there really is no need to be yawning when it comes to bedtime.

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