6 of the Best Car Sex Positions

Steam up those windows.


By Ruby Moore


You’re out for a leisurely Sunday drive, on an epic road trip, or you’ve just popped to the shops when suddenly you start to feel a little frisky. 

Do you…wait until you get home? Or, pull over and ravish each other right there in the car?

The spontaneity of car sex makes it exhilarating but it can also be super uncomfortable. That is unless you know how to have sex in a car. 

Here are six car sex positions that will guarantee you have the ride of your life without getting a cramp!


Doggy in the Doorway

Technically, this position is outside of the car. Open a car door and either kneel or stand and lean on the edge of the car seat. Then, have your penetrating partner enter you from behind. This is probably one of the most comfortable and enjoyable car sex positions. 

You have plenty of room to stretch out which also allows for harder thrusting and deeper penetration. Plus, the open car door will give you a little extra privacy. If anyone is approaching, you’ll have time and cover to get respectable!


Road Head

Road head is when the passenger leans over and performs oral sex on the driver. For safety reasons, we advise you NOT to do this while driving. If your lady is in the driver’s seat, just push it back to give more room between you and the steering wheel. 

To make road head even more interesting, add in a mini vibrator. This slim-lined bullet will easily fit in the glove compartment and won’t get in the way of your road head efforts.

Junk in the Trunk

This position is similar to Doggy in the Doorway but uses the trunk of the car. Open the trunk door, bend over, placing hands on the bumper to steady yourself as your partner penetrates from behind. If you have a flatbed style trunk, even better. Lower the back seats, climb in and make full use of all that space and make your favourite position a car sex position.


The Seashell

You do need to be a little flexible for this car sex position, but it’s worth trying. For the seashell, lay down on the back seat and bring your legs up until your ankles are as close to your head as possible. You can hold your hands behind your knees to help. Then have your partner enter you from a missionary position. 

Why is this worth folding yourself in two for? 

Well, it not only allows for deeper penetration, but your penetrating partner can angle high, giving clitoral stimulation with their pubic bone, or angle low for direct contact with your G-spot.


Car Girl

This is the regular “cowgirl” position but for car sex. It’s easy to do in the driver, passenger or back seat, although the back seat gives you more room and is easier to quickly disengage from if you need to!

Climb into your partner’s lap facing them so that you’re kneeling or squatting on top. Put the chair back to give yourself more headroom, so you can bounce freely. If you lean back and use the front seats or dashboard as leverage, the angle can increase clitoral stimulation.

You can easily change this to a reverse “car girl” by kneeling and facing away from your partner. Reverse car girl is best done in the back middle seat, so you can use the front seats to steady yourself.


Back Seat Bondage

Have your partner lie down on the backseat and tie their hands above their head using the seatbelt. If knots aren’t your forte, then you can always keep a pair of quickie cuffs in your handbag. These strong but soft silicone cuffs are easy to use- no fastens, no chains, just slip them over the wrists. 

Once your partner is securely fastened, you can climb on top, with one leg kneeling and the other in the footwell if necessary. This half cowgirl position can allow you to grind harder for more friction.  


Now you know how to have car sex comfortably, the rest is up to you. A deserted beach at sunset, in the heart of the woods, a quickie in the car wash, romantic or risqué. Just remember sex in public is illegal, so choose your location carefully and enjoy!

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