Five Sex Positions for Maximum Mutual Pleasure

From spooning to doggy, we take you through the best.


By Ruby Moore


Good sex is about giving and receiving pleasure, however, the best sex is when that exchange is equal. When both partners are trying to satisfy the other person, that is where the magic happens.

Switching up sex positions is the easiest way to maximise mutual pleasure while keeping things fun and fresh in the bedroom.

Some positions offer a more equal exchange of satisfaction than others. Of course, everyone has their personal preferences and different sex positions work for different people but exploring them together is half the fun.

The good news is, you don’t need to go full-on porn star or master the Kama Sutra to have mind-blowing sex. We’ve picked out five of the best sex positions to try that will maximize satisfaction for both partners.



Spooning can be the perfect start to the day…think slow, sensual, sleepy morning sex.

Laying on your sides facing the same direction, your partner will enter you from behind. Not only is it one of the most relaxing and comfortable sex positions for both, but it also gives full-body contact.

If you enjoy clit stimulation, this hands-free sex position means you or your partner are free to play using hands or a sex toy like the  Eden Climaxer Vibrator. The elegantly designed vibrator fits over your clitoris, directing all of its 10-speed power to your most sensitive erogenous zone.



Ignore the bad rep of being “vanilla” because missionary is one of the most intimate sex positions you can have in your repertoire.

Laying on your back with your penetrating partner on top of you, means constant eye and body contact. Try holding your partner’s gaze for as long as possible and feel the heat of the moment intensify.

With hands and mouths free to roam, kissing, licking, biting, and tweaking are all on the table.

Plus, it’s a great launchpad for multiple other positions.


Doggy Style

Doggy style is often voted the best sex position for women. It involves you being on all fours while your partner is on their knees and entering you from behind.

It allows for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. If you like a little of the rougher stuff, it gives plenty of room for spanking and hair-pulling during intercourse.

Doggy Style also lends itself well to fans of anal play…fingers, cock, strap-on, or toy, like our Raspberry Butt Plug. The soft-feel silicone butt plug is easy to insert and the removable bullet vibrator will give you both a thrill.



The 69 is a mutual oral sex position that puts partners face to groin with one partner lying on their back or both of you lying on your sides. It’s named like so because your bodies end up looking like the numbers 6 and 9.

A popular position for any oral-loving couple and certainly one of the favourite lesbian sex positions allowing both partners to receive clitoral attention at the same time. That said, many women find it hard to concentrate on giving when the receiving gets good.

To keep your “head” in the game, ask your partner to mix up the sensations and levels of intensity with a sex toy. Something compact like our small and mighty bullet vibrator will be ideal. It’s easy to handle, won’t get in the way, and will continue to deliver pleasure while you get to work on your lover.



This is one of the best sex positions for an orgasm. Get the angle just right and you’ll enjoy vaginal and clitoral stimulation with the body contact of missionary and the passion of doggy style.

Lay facedown on the bed with your legs straight and tightly closed, and your hips slightly raised. Your partner will ease themselves into you from behind.

The elevated position makes your G-spot easier to hit and your partner’s cock or strap-on seem larger. With your legs closed, it will also make you seem tighter to them too.

For additional comfort, place a pillow under your tummy to raise your butt up and ease the arch in your back.

Oh, and if you like to feel dominated, bondage tape will add a little extra kink while making sure you keep your legs together. Pleasure Bound is a tape specially made for bondage. It’s sleek, smooth, and self-adhesive meaning it won’t stick to your hair or skin. So no painful unpeeling once you’ve had your fun!


Finding out what feels good to your partner and exploring new sex positions together can not only increase pleasure for you both but also your intimacy. All it takes is open communication, the desire to please your partner and the willingness to get a little adventurous.


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