Nasty DIYs: How to Clean Bras

The breast is yet to come.


By Nasty Gal


Here for a good time, and a long time. At Nasty Gal HQ, we’re learning all about how we can increase the longevity of our stuff so that we can extend the life of our wardrobes and minimise its impact on the planet. First off: our underthings. We wear them most days, they give us that much needed support, and they’re probably the most delicate things we own. Emma, our Visual Merchandiser and expert on all things crafty, gives us the low-down on how to care for yours.

Oh, and how often should you wash your bra, you ask? Every 3 weeks or every few wears will do the job.

How to Hand Wash Your Bra

What You'll Need:

What You'll Need:

  • Your bra
  • Washing detergent
  • A towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Basin/bucket/sink

Fill up a bucket with cold water and add your detergent.

Soak your bra in the water for a while (10-15 minutes). TIP: Got a deodorant/makeup stain? Dab the area with a flannel and your soapy water before soaking.

Then, using your toothbrush, gently brush around all of the edges of your bra and around the armpit area. (A wash brush is too harsh and could damage!)

Once done, rinse it with fresh cold water (no detergent). Avoid squeezing or twisting your bra to remove excess water. Pat down your bra against a towel, then hang it up to air-dry. NEVER (ever ever) put your bras in the dryer.

TIP: When storing, place all of your bras in a drawer inside of each bra’s cups to retain their shapes.

TIP 2: How to wash bras in the washing machine? Put it on a cold wash and place your bras in a pillowcase or a mesh mag.

Done and done. Your bra is all set to live its best life.

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