Halloweenie Makeup With Steaktooth



Just when I thought I was done slathering foundation all over my face for the sake of blogging, makeup artist Alana Dawn hit me up to try out some Halloween looks. Since I only got a whopping five zits from what happened after our last hang out (my fault—I have sensitive skin), I figured, “Why the hell not? What else am I doing?” (The answer: nothing, really.) Annnd, because I love multi-tasking, I tricked one of my besties into a hangout session where I also exploited her free time by tempting her over with chocolate donut-flavored coffee only to have her run out the door on the way to work still scrubbing anime makeup off her eyes. So, if you’re still stumped on what wear this Halloween, here are my two new favorite looks that really only require rubbing glue stick on your eyebrows and some $20 contact lenses to set them off.


Sailor Moon

There is something so ideal about transforming into a doll—I can’t quite put my finger on it—but I know it lies somewhere just past feeling creepy about it. Anime characters legit have this on lock and, since the ’90s trend seriously isn’t budging, who better to mimic other than the decade’s anime teen queen, Sailor Moon?


Every makeup tutorial I found forces you to draw the eye on your lid, but for those of us who prefer to keep our eyes open while making our vision blurry with spiked party punch, this just isn’t an option. So behold—a really freaking cool way to make your eye look humongous like Sailor Moon.

1. Cover your brows with a glue stick and conceal them with concealer.
2. Draw in new, thinner brows with a brown gel liner.
3. Give yourself a dark smokey eye on your upper lid, extending out the eye shadow a bit.
4. Below your lower lash line create a black line making your eyes appear wider and color it in with white pencil.
5. To make your eyes appear more realistic, apply lashes to your upper lash line and your “new” lower lash line.
6. Apply foundation to your face to even out your skin tone.
7. Apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.
8. Apply pink lipstick only to a portion of your lips, making your lips appear smaller.
9. Add the details to your head using face paint.


“Sexy” Illuminati

Or “Illuminaughty,” as I like to call it. This was slightly inspired by the “Rihanna Illuminati exposed” tag on YouTube and also by one of my top 3 favorite movies, They Live. I threw a “sexy“ in to keep in line with standard Halloween tradition, right? Paired with a tie and blazer, the only major thing left to do is remove your eyebrows and pop in some contact lenses.

1. Use black face paint around the edges of your face to create an alien shape.
2. Cover your brows with a glue stick and paint the inside of your face white. This will act as a base to make your green face paint brighter.
3. Right on top of the white, apply green face paint all over your face. Highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the middle of your forehead and your chin with yellow face paint.
4. Apply a smokey dark purple eyeshadow to your eyes.
5. Use upper and lower lashes
6.  Take a dark green shadow and draw on thinner eyebrows.
7. Add the details above your brow and down your nose using a dark green face paint.
8. Using lash glue, add the black rhinestones to your cheeks.
9. Color your lips with black eyeliner and highlight the center of your lips with a silver pigment.

Happy trick-or-tricking!

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