Laura, Gillian

Best Babes: Laura & Gillian

When Laura and Gillian met in the 7th grade, they had no idea that someday they’d own a super successful (and super sexy) brand. Together, they made our amazing Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons collection insanely beautiful. Find out what the two have to dish about each other here.


Meet Renée Lusano

Renée Lusano is the queen of selfies. We’re not talking your standard selfie situation either (the right angle paired with the perfect lighting and a dreamy filter). This L.A.-based lady uses a drone to chronicle her awesome life (which looks as though it’s a non-stop party all over the world) as a graphic designer/photographer/artist.


Hell Yeah Hippie: Brother Vellies

If saving the world is right up there with taking it over on your to-do list, get ready to sage yourself in preparation for the best and most cosmic thing to hit the internet since Susan Miller’s monthlies. Hell Yeah Hippie is your go-to web stop for badass bitches with damn good intentions.

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Best Babes: Ashley & Zoey

Superstar Nasty Gal stylist Ashley Glorioso and famed photographer Zoey Grossman are best friends. Together, they made our Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons collab shoot look completely badass. Find out what the two have to dish about each other here.


The Down Lo: Photographer Kathy Lo Dishes It

If you’re anything like us, your photography obsession doesn’t stop at stick selfies and the ongoing struggle between Amaro and X-Pro (that struggle though… so real). Which is why we had to get a couple minutes alone to talk shop with Kathy Lo, one of our favorite new photographers to hit the streets (and beaches)