The 4 Best Sex Toys For Couples

Plus one, required.


By Ruby Moore


Using sex toys together can add extra spice to your intimate moments while heightening arousal. They can also come in handy for long-distance relationships or when your partner is out of town.

While some sex toys are specifically marketed as couple’s toys, basically, any sex toy can be used together. Need help choosing? We’ve rounded up the best sex toys for couples so you can skip straight to playtime.


The Wand

Wand style vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys for couples simply because of their effectiveness at getting you off. No matter whether you’re in control or your partner is, watching you orgasm so intensely will be such a turn-on.


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Clitoral Stimulator

Fancy a threesome but not the awkwardness? A clitoral stimulator could be the way to go. These powerful little sex toys can be your third wheel without any added complications. Have your partner take you from behind as you use the Mini Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator Vibrator. It has whisper-quiet motors so it won’t distract from whatever your other half is getting up to.


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Cock Ring

If you’re having sex with a penis-owning partner, then a cock ring can be the perfect couple’s toy. Designed to fit most and sit firmly without restricting pleasure, his erection will be harder for longer delivering a consistent partner pleasure experience time and time again. Try the Ten to Midnight Cock Ring Set.


Remote Control Sex Toys

There is a whole host of remote control sex toys ideal for keeping intimacy alive when you’re apart. Some are long-distance enabled, meaning they can be controlled via an app, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Others, like the 3 Piece Bullet Remote Control Vibrator and Lubricant Set, have a close-range remote. Wear the egg out and about and give your partner the control. They can watch you try to keep your cool while it gives you a secret thrill.


Strap-on Harness

If you’re in a lesbian relationship and fancy some hands-free penetrative sex, then a strap-on harness is an ideal addition to your couple’s sex toy kit.

Straight ladies…find out if your man is open to pegging (being penetrated by his lady-lover wearing a strap-on). The best sex toys for couples are the ones that increase your intimacy with each other and allow you to experience new sensations together.


Looking for an Alternative?

Not a sex toy per se, but sexy board games can work as foreplay, to get you in the mood and keep things fresh and exciting. Games like Sex Marks the Spot are great for couples (or for experimenting…it’s suitable for 2-8 players).

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Whether you’re an adventurous couple looking for the next best sex toy to add to your collection, or you’re looking for a way to re-spark your love life, this list should get your engines going. Like we said, any sex toy can be a couple’s sex toy.

For more sex chat check out our post on Our Guide to Masturbation and shop more of our sex toy collection below.

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