Start Fresh: Springtime Looks with Josefine HJ

The Copenhagen muse has a few style tricks up her sleeve.




We cannot get enough of Copenhagen-based Josefine HJ’s minimal style on Instagram, which is why we are so excited to share our exclusive collaboration with Josefine herself! We worked with our OOTD muse on a curated collection of springtime pieces handpicked by her, just for you. Josefine visited our Los Angeles office to talk all things style and inspiration–get to know the girl behind the grid below!

Sought After Satin Dress

How would you describe Copenhagen street style?

Minimalism and comfort over anything.

How did you get into style and fashion?

My mom has always been one of the cool moms and she had a clothing store years back that carried Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang etc. I think that’s were it all started for me.

One Mini Babe Linen Dress

How did you come to define your own aesthetic?

It hasn’t always been as aesthetically pleasing haha but as I’m growing older I’m starting to rely more on what moves me and what inspires me. Architecture and nature inspires me a lot, even to create outfits–plus I’m a little OCD so definitely color coordinating plays a big part in it. A pop of color on my feed annoys my eye so I’ll either make it black and white or try to put more photos in my feed with that same color.

What advice would you give young girls aspiring to work in the fashion world?

Find someone that inspires you in a way that makes you more creative to create your own way. Not someone who inspires you to do what they’re already doing.

Sleek Havoc Satin Skirt

What are some of your favorite pieces from your Nasty Gal collection?

The yellow silk skirt is my absolute favorite. Can’t wait to wear it all summer long.

What does being a Nasty Gal mean to you?

I’m so honored to be a Nasty Gal, as you guys were the first movers when it comes to e-commerce and I love that you allow us to have an edge and be a little more daring. But I guess it’s in the name.

What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

An oversized blazer.

How has your style evolved over time?

There was definitely a time where I thought I had to jump on every trend. But as I’m growing older and getting more comfortable in my own skin I’ve learned to just trust in myself and my own opinion on what I should  wear.

What’s Dot Into You Pants

How do you approach new trends and make them your own?

I think it’s important to know that not all new trends are for everyone. I always try to see if it’s something I would feel comfortable wearing and then kinda go from there.

Who are your biggest style inspirations?

It varies a lot, but I have to say that the Olsen twins always do something for me.

How would you describe your style in only three words?

Feminine, masculine and comfortable.

What’s next for you?

Taking over the world!

Shop the full collab here and keep up with Josefine on Instagram.