A Girl and Her Dog: Honor Hamilton and Ziggy

Diamonds Furry pooches are a gal’s best friend.

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We love Honor Hamilton–stylist, creative director, general Instagram goddess–but when we met her pup, a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Ziggy at their home in the Valley, we better understood why good things come in twos. You guys, get ready to meet The Hamilton Sisters:

Let’s talk about Ziggy–how did you meet?

Ziggy and I met in the summer 10 years ago while my family was in the midst of getting a new dog. I irresponsibly surprised my brother with a Weimaraner I found on Craigslist because I thought he should have a dog while I was away at school. My mom made me take it back after seeing how big its turds were as a puppy which set us on the hunt. A pet store was closing next to a restaurant near my mom’s house and we went in after lunch for the hell of it. After staring at the potential of one dog for a while, I turned around, and Ziggy was in a kennel by herself, quietly sitting and staring at us like she still does today. She was so mellow and so cute. We ended up, not only with a dog that day, but with a Ziggy.

One way in which your dog has changed your life?

Having a dog has forced me to be a more responsible and compassionate human overall. Being able to give your attention and care to something other than yourself on a regular basis, with only emotional benefits in return, is what you learn to love while having an animal.

Out of this World Crossbody bag

Walk us through a typical day in your lives:

On days that we are around each other most, it usually starts at 7:00am with a morning whine for breakfast and the bathroom. Never fails… 7am. Afterwards , I’ll sit at my computer for a while, work and drink coffee. She sits or lays by my feet, unless I’m on the couch, then she lays next to me, making sure she’s at least touching me. If I run any quick errands like dropping boxes off or grabbing coffee, I’ll take her for a car ride. On most down time days, it’s usually just a series of sitting on my computer or phone with her either at my feet or next to me on a couch throughout the day in different locations.

Who is Ziggy’s spirit person?

Would it be stupid to say that I am? My partner doesn’t call us “The Hamilton Sisters” for nothin’.

Any pooch-friendly recommendations in LA?

I feel like LA as a whole is one of the most pooch friendliest metros in the US. However, most places with a patio in Silver Lake allow your pooch to hang with you while you eat or drink.

Tell us about what you wore in the shoot.

In the shoot I wore some rad pieces from After Party and my favorite pair of cropped Nasty Gal jeans, as well as some white mules… since we know those are so hot right now.

Three words to describe your style?

Casual, Unstructured, Vintage.

Three words to describe your job?

Creative, Inspiring, Novel.

Out of this World Crossbody bag

What’s your most prized piece in your wardrobe?

Tough… My 1982 Talking Heads “Speaking In Tongues” tee, I would grab that out of my closet first in a fire.

In Ziggy’s?

We call it her Jimi Hendrix shirt.. a tan corduroy and brown ditsy floral yoke, pearl snap western dog shirt.

Favorite vintage find?

Also tough… 1970’s Andre Courreges emerald suit tailored to me almost perfectly. I probably will be buried in it.

Loco Motion Mule

Where do you find style inspiration–movies, icons, etc.?

Most of my style inspiration comes from a combo of fashion magazines, music, and style icons through the decades, depending on what garment on stuck on at the time. It always starts with one good fitting piece I find thrifting to dictate that era.

Ziggy’s go-to style choice?

Birthday Suit Chewbacca Chic.

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