DIY Thigh Highs


We’re already mega obsessed with Studio Production Assistant Linda Park’s playful style, so when sought out a DIY mastermind to take our traditional fall accessories to the next level, we knew exactly who to call. A cozy knit thigh high has always been our go-to cold weather staple, but Linda found a killer way to kick them up a notch—with embroidery! “I’ve always been into crafty things like knitting and started embroidering less than a year ago. I’m not naturally gifted in drawing or painting so embroidering is sort of my alternative to that—all you really need is patience.” We think we can manage that.

(All photos by Felisha Tolentino)



Step 1:

 Get your supplies! Go to any craft or fabric store and check out the sewing notions section to find your supplies. Essentials: embroidery needles (these have larger holes than regular needles), embroidery floss, threader (to help with inserting the floss into those tiny needles), small stork scissors and a pair of socks.


Step 2:

I keep a folder of images (anything from Burger King ads to 1950s embroidery patterns) saved onto my Pinterest account for easy access from my computer, phone and iPad. Nineteenth century artist JW Waterhouse is one of my favorites. He often painted images based on Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem The Lady of Shalott–she spends her whole life embroidering, leaves her tower to pursue a hot guy and ends up dying because she’s cursed to forever embroider. It’s intensely romantic and sort of anti-feminist but inspires the former Art History major in me.


Step 3:

How to start your embroidery!
1. Cut about 12″ of thread
2. Insert the hook of a threader into the needle’s eye
3. Grab the thread with the hook and pull through
4. Leave a 2″ tail of floss hanging from the needle so it doesn’t fall off while embroidering
5. Thread from the back to the front of the fabric, leaving another 2″ tail (an embroidery hoop can be used but is not totally necessary for socks)


Step 4:

Make an American flag star:
1. Thread three needles with red, white and blue floss
2. Begin with the blue tip of the star, embroidering a small triangle with horizontal stitches working top to bottom
3. Work loosely because socks will stretch when you wear them
4. Alternate with red and white stripes with the same horizontal stitches to create a shape of a star
5. Tie the loose ends and trim the excess thread


Step 5:

Strut your stuff!