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We’re not really the full-layer-of-makeup-on-the-beach type, but we can still admit that getting that perfect beach babe look isn’t as easy—or nearly as effortless—as it seems. Dewy (but not greasy) skin, salty (but not briny) hair and the ever-prescient threat of sunburn—the whole thing’s a bit precarious. And while our newly in-stock collection of bright zinc sunblock can spare you from the latter, we had to call in the big guns, that’s Bumble and bumble’s Jordan M, to tell us a thing or two about perfect beach hair. We grabbed photographer Brandon Harman and fav Kiwi blogger Ponyhunter and hop, skip, jumped over to Santa Monica to show you what’s what. All together, we’ve got you covered, whether you’ve spent the day surfing the waves… or the Internet.

How To Get Easy Breezy Beach Waves

1. Take 1-2 day dirty hair and separate into four sections
2. Pin up the two top sections
3. Take each bottom section and split into two
4. Using a 1-inch curling iron, wrap each section around barrel clockwise
5. After bottom sections are complete, unpin the top and repeat
6. Make sure to wrap the two pieces closest to your face around the barrel away from your face
7. Run your fingers through the waves, adding a texturizing product to ends and hairspray all over
8. Take the palm of your hand and rub on the top of your head to create some “fuzz”
9. Grab your bikini and go!

For Sexy Definition

“When hair is dry, add more Grooming Crème. It feels like salt water with a little suntan lotion.”
USE: Surf Spray + Grooming Crème

For Beach-y Volume

“Add more Surf Spray the next day to make this look last and for a messier, broken-down finish.”
USE: Surf Spray + Thickening Hairspray

For Windswept Softness

“Use this combo before heading outdoors for tousled texture, moisture, control and UV protection.”
USE: Surf Spray + Color-Minded Styling Balm

Want beach hair that’s as easy as than lather, rise, repeat? Check out Bb’s latest creation designed to make serious waves: Surf Foam Wash shampoo and Surf Creme Rinse conditioner. They’ll help you jump start your summer knock-out look—even if you don’t exactly know your way around a can of grooming crème.

Messy Beach Hair Messy Beach Hair


How To Get Messy Beach Hair Fashion Face Paint


(makeup by Brittany Sullivan)

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