Meet the Cult: Michelle Kim


Talking to artist Michelle Kim makes you smarter. Her paintings and installations reference everything from existential philosophy to poetry, religion and occult studies. If she creates something she hates, she might set it on fire or throw it in the street, only to retrieve it and decide that maybe she likes it after all…

Michelle Kim


Michelle’s wearing the Converge Combat Boot.

How do you feel your work as an artist influences how you dress?

I am constantly dissatisfied with how things are after certain periods of time. I’m always looking for things that are different and remind me of things in terms of the past, present, and future.

What is a normal day for you?

I have a studio, but during the week I work Monday through Friday at the Philosophical Research Society, which is this amazing secret place in LA that started in the 1920s as a center for esoteric philosophy. I do a lot of things there, and they’re letting me kind of reintroduce the organization back into the city.

How does past, present and future apply to clothes?

I love the ’60s and ’70s and the mystery of the ’30s. And the mystery of the future. If you look at sci-fi movies from the past, there’s this weird retro futuristic thing that happens. That aesthetic is so spot on for me when everything kind of collapses into one thing.


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