Ingredients For A Festival


Ah, music festivals. We live for the adrenaline-filled three day weekend of non-stop music, dancing, and BFF hangs, but—we have to be real—it’s not all pretty flower crowns and perfect beachy waves. There’s a large (see: 100%) chance that you’ll be the sweatiest, dirtiest, and thirstiest you’ve been in your entire life, but, hey, in the end it’s all worth it. So, in the spirit of festival season, we compiled a (semi-realistic) list of ingredients for the perfect festival—complete with blisters and all.

Ingredients for a festival:

25 Tears Shed
9 Blisters
1 Bar Of Cell Phone Service… All Weekend Long
156 Bottles of Water
730 Headbangs
1 Favorite Hoodie… Lost
46 Two-Minute BFFs
2.5 Heart Attacks
30 Times Saying, “This Is The Best Day Of My Life!”
5 Daily Outfit Changes
11 Unwanted Tan Lines
67 Instant Girl Crushes
2,303 Times You Wished For Real Food
7.9 Gallons of Sweat
14 Fake Numbers Given Out
666 Horns Thrown \m/
45 Plans Made
2 Plans Kept
1 VIP Wristband… To Pass Around to 5 Friends
5 White Lies You Told The Security Guard
6 Celebrity Sightings
29 Braid Attempts
98 Moments You Wish You Could Stop Time
1 Trampled Flower Crown
27 Times You Marked Your Territory
252 Swipes of Lip Balm
8 Five-Minute Love Affairs
153 Minutes Spent In the Bathroom Line
1,329 Words Sung
729 That Were Correct
18 Lighter Exchanges
5 Minutes Of Crowd Surfing
5 Minutes Of Wishing It Was Over
2 Seriously Beat Up Feet
259,200 Seconds Of Non-Stop Adrenaline