Amrit Does It All

From late night DJ-ing to early morning agency life, this NYC transplant is killing it.

Nasty Gal Studio Jackie Coat .

When you meet a Big Apple dweller, it feels like you’ve encountered someone from the future. The shrewd, hyper-ambitious disposition, always knowing things you don’t know. Cue Amrit, the Australian native who fully embodies the resilient New Yorker prototype. Casting Director by day, DJ by night, Amrit leads a super busy life (and still has time to look this good). We sat down to talk New York City her go-to spots, and survival tips.

Surfin’ Bird Faux Fur Coat, Surfin’ Bird Faux Fur Coat

Let’s get personal—tell us about yourself.

I’m a DJ and Casting Director by way of Perth, Australia. I live my double life here in New York City, where I spend my days at our Soho agency office casting talent for campaigns and editorial, and my nights behind the DJ decks. I don’t get much sleep, but I really love what I do – it never feels like I’m on the job.

Surfin’ Bird Faux Fur Coat

How would you desrribe your love for NYC?

I don’t think there are any words I could use that would do the love I have for New York any justice. It’s an old cliche but true that it’s the most magical city in the world, and I really couldn’t see myself anywhere else. NYC has been my most successful long-term relationship – 5 years and counting!

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Fun fact?

I went to music school and studied Jazz. I never use the degree, but I can score and arrange music for orchestras and jazz ensembles.

Go-to NYC spots?

The Flower Shop.

This spot looks like a cuter version of the basement from That 70’s Show. The crowd is always super chill, you can play pool downstairs, pick tunes from the jukebox–and they make a really great spicy margarita.

Las’ Lap.

Ok technically this spot hasn’t opened yet, but it’s about to be THE place to go once it opens. Opening on Orchard St later this month, it’s a cafe rum bar serving West Indian food and serving classic cocktails using rum. The upstairs is a private loft, and they’ve already started doing some exclusive events up there. You heard it here first!

Public Arts

My girl Jill is the GM, but aside from that, they always have something cool going on downstairs, whether it’s a group art show, a comedy show or a secret band playing. The roof is really beautiful too, I have a monthly party up there, and you can’t go wrong with cocktails by that view.

Nasty Gal Studio Jackie Coat .

Any NYC survival tips and tricks?

I don’t know if I’m qualified to give those yet. They say you need to be here for at least 10 years to be considered a bona fide New Yorker, so I’m just over half way. But here are a couple of my survival techniques:

1. Invest in quality skincare.

I used to have a really bare minimum approach to this but since moving here, the weather and the harshness of the late nights and early mornings have really taken a toll on me. I’m pretty religious with taking off all my makeup before I sleep, and I try to do regular facials, deep cleanses and weekly masks. Some of my go-tos are the Bioderma hydrabio serum to get me through the winter, I love the Ole Henriksen walnut scrub for a really deep clean, and then I like to rotate weekly masks from Kiehls, Glossier, Fresh & Boscia. Also, my La Mer eye cream is my holy grail!

2. Invest in a decent coat (thermals help too)
I spent my first winter here battling pneumonia and bronchitis because I did not know how to dress for the cold. Uniqlo heat tech thermals are my saving grace in the winter, and I now lean towards more technical outerwear, like Stone Island to stay warm. I also love a big vintage fur!

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