How to Wear Nasty Gal Vintage ft. Our Lead Stylist Keely

We picked Keely’s brain about how she styled our latest Nasty Gal Vintage drop!

Our latest Nasty Gal Vintage collection hit the site today and it’s full of renewed vintage goodies in one-of-a-kind fits! We sat down with our resident style expert Keely Murphy to see how she approached styling the lookbook and which pieces she loved the most! Get the deets below and shop the collection before it sells out!

With styling this, I wanted to keep it true to being reworked vintage and the actual ways you’re going to see the pieces, which is more timeless and less trend-driven. Like vintage pieces that you would find at a thrift store to mix in with more contemporary pieces. The materials are denim, chino, some military mesh, and cotton.

Shoes is where I had a lot of fun. I did a lot of industrial combat boots and creeper shoes in a black and white to go with the neutral palette of the clothes to make it feel more current. 

I’m really excited about a lot of the pants, they’re the coolest thing. They’re kind of an update from the cargo pant that was really popular. This is a way to keep that going that’s a little more lightweight and sits lower on the hip which I think is cute. You can also adjust the tightness of the waist with velcro straps

For Jewelry, I went for vintage gold and silver and hardware that complimented details throughout the collection. Overall my main focus was balance. Balancing skin, bagging pants, something tight. I focused a lot on the proportions.

Shop the full collection here and keep up with Keely on Instagram.

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