TLC’s most iconic fashion moments (according to TLC)

We keep going way back with TLC.

By Randi Bergman

If you were alive in the nineties, chances are that you wanted to be part of TLC. Either that, or you wanted to dress like ’em. Just like their epic banger of a sophomore album, T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli were crazy, sexy and cool in the style department. As a trio, they milked the rule of thirds for max bustier/baggy pant appeal. As a duo, they’re looking back fondly with this list of their fave fashion moments before the launch of their first album in 14 years, which drops next month.

Can you spot yours?

“I feel like we were some superSHEroe, bad asses in these black leather outfits.”

“These outfits were made in Left Eye’s honor, which was our first appearance since her death. Dresses…the TLC way.”

“The cream leather outfits are probably some of our favorites. It was the softest leather we’ve ever felt.”

“The Teen Choice Awards outfit became a true classic. It was some people’s favorites to portray during Halloween.”

“The infamous No Scrubs outfits…we were truly ahead of our time with these.”

“Another classic TLC look: Overalls, with a touch of condoms promoting safe sex.”

“The suits we wore at the Soul Train Awards were another favorite of mine. TLC pimpin!”

“Cross colors, bandaids, condoms, and belts to the back…you can definitely see us coming! I love these outfits and they were the most comfortable to dance in.”

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