Americana: These 5 Icons Nailed It

Nothing says “Let’s celebrate America” quite like the unapologetic attitude of Americana goddesses.


By admin


Saddle up and learn the tricks of the trade of Americana style from the pros–and we got you covered on how to get on their level. (Our latest drop of patriotic things to get you through the 4th helps, too.)

1. Pam Grier

Who doesn’t love a badass vigilante that takes down men in go-go boots? Pam Grier’s one chick hit-squad makes our list of women who let freedom ring. Pam’s iconic bikini look in Coffy brings us back to ‘73, topped with oversized sunglasses, and finished with an arm cuff.

2. Thelma & Louise

The saying “Don’t mess with Texas” could have easily come from these Texan beauts. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis epitomize Southern charm in classic butt-huggin’ jeans, bad to the bone cowboy boots, and vintage graphic tees. And of course, a western belt. Just try not to break the law.

3. Stevie Nicks

We’re dreaming of the feathered hair, Queen of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s mystical vibes, and we’re channeling it without scavenging through Eastern European vintage. Crank up Dreams, grab a kimono or three, and take a drive through Laurel Canyon in this dress. Layer up with necklaces here and here. Rock on, gold dust woman.

4. Joan Baez

A folk babe who led revolutionary 60’s protests and wore mascara made from toothpaste and charcoal? Now that’s what I call a woman. Joan Baez, the Mexican-American Woodstock royalty that launched Bob Dylan’s career, is Americana at it’s finest. So when you’re in need of a law kicking look, take it from Baez’s touch of insouciance in wide-leg jeans, a classic, goes-with-everything belt, and statement tee. Happy revolutionizing!

5. Cher

If we could turn back time, we’d hit the dance floor of Studio 54 with Cher. As outrageous Cher’s boundary-pushing fashion statements can be (anybody remember those Bob Mackie “creations?”), we’re lovesick for her noble simplicity in a tiny top, jeans, cropped denim jacket, and cowboy hat. Can you say sweet land of liberty?