Meet Renée Lusano

Renée Lusano is the queen of selfies. We’re not talking your standard selfie situation either (the right angle paired with the perfect lighting and a dreamy filter). This L.A.-based lady uses a drone to chronicle her awesome life (which looks as though it’s a non-stop party all over the world) as a graphic designer/photographer/artist.


Brand Crush: Brother Vellies

Meet Aurora James, founder and lead designer of Brother Vellies. From using sustainable leathers, to creating economic growth in impoverished communities, to designing foxy-as-hell, made-to-last footwear that won’t end up in a landfill a year down the road, Brother Vellies is spearheading a footwear fetish for ladies who want to do good by lookin’ good.

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Best Babes: Ashley & Zoey

Superstar Nasty Gal stylist Ashley Glorioso and famed photographer Zoey Grossman are best friends. Together, they made our Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons collab shoot look completely badass. Find out what the two have to dish about each other here.


The Down Lo: Photographer Kathy Lo Dishes It

If you’re anything like us, your photography obsession doesn’t stop at stick selfies and the ongoing struggle between Amaro and X-Pro (that struggle though… so real). Which is why we had to get a couple minutes alone to talk shop with Kathy Lo, one of our favorite new photographers to hit the streets (and beaches)