Backstage Hangs With Sky Ferreira


Guys, it’s a really big week for Sky Ferreira. Today, her highly-anticipated (as in, several years in the making) album Night Time, My Time was officially released, and—after weeks of forced vocal rest—she kicked off her postponed tour on Sunday at the El Rey Theatre in L.A. Lucky for us, we got to catch up with Sky right before her performance to talk about style inspiration, walking in her first NYFW show, and, of course, dudes.

(Photos by Cat Roif)

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Tell us about what you’re going to wear tonight.

I know I’m wearing sunglasses on stage. It helps my nerves. As you know, Lou Reed died so I feel like it’s necessary. I will try to get the whole band to do it, but I don’t know if they’re down for that.

How’s the short hair treatin’ you?

I feel naked. I don’t really know how to explain it. I cut it where it was long in the front and the more jobs I had—the more people started messing with my hair—suddenly, I had bangs. Really thick bangs. I did not want bangs, so it’s starting to grow out. It’s a bit mullet-y at the moment, so I have to keep it wet most of the time or really work on it, which is kind of annoying. I’m just trying to grow it back. And that was the whole point of cutting it—to make it healthy again from bleaching.

Do you work with a stylist or do you mostly dress yourself?

I pretty much style myself. If I feel like I need help in any way, my friend Kate Young does it. I’m not really someone that you dress, you know? I already know what I like and don’t like. There are brands that I’ve worked with or modeled for that lend me clothes. With designer clothes, I don’t like to feel like the clothes are wearing me.


How would you describe your personal style?

It varies. I like a lot of short skirts. I wear a lot of black. I like jeans. I pretty much wear the same 5 pairs of jeans, and I wear a lot of boots. I’m not really a heels girl, and if there is a heel, it’s a platform. I can’t wear thin heels, or I’ll just fall over. I’m really clumsy.

What’s the secret to your killer cat eye?

I’ve been practicing the cat eye since I was 14! I use YSL eyeliner. I use Chanel sometimes for the under eye, but if I want it to be smudgy and kind of greasy and oily, I like to use Marc Jacobs—the new one that just came out. It’s for, like, the look. [laughs]


How do you pick your onstage ensembles?

I think it depends on how I’m feeling. When you’re on tour, and you’re in a van or a bus with a bunch of guys, and you’re in the middle of nowhere, you just don’t care. I’ll wear the same outfit for three days in a row. I mean, I’ll shower. I’ll wash my hair in a sink or something. It’s been like that. At that point, I’m just going to wear jeans and a T-shirt. But it’s pretty much whatever I feel comfortable in because that’s the only way I’ll feel confident.

How does your music influence your style?

I think, as corny as it sounds, that fashion and music go hand in hand. When I write and make music, I see it visually. When I write a song, I already kind of see the video, so I already know what I want to look like.


Where do you look for style inspiration?

I went to Japan, and I went crazy there. I love the Harajuku school girl thing. I love school girls. I like Miu Miu, Riccardo Tisci. Hedi Slimane is pretty much my favorite designer besides Riccardo Tisci. Prada and Marc Jacobs are also up there. I love how Kurt Cobain dresses. My boyfriend [DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith] is one of my style icons because I steal all his clothes and wear them.

Does he ever wear your clothes?

Yes. We share T-shirts, sweaters, hats—except his clothes are huge. That’s his thing.

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Tell us about walking in Marc Jacobs’ show at New York Fashion Week!

It was fun! It was scary, though, because I’ve never walked before, and I’m way shorter than everyone.

Wait, you’ve never walked before?

No. I’ve always been asked to, but I was just too scared. Finally, I was just like, “It’s Marc Jacobs. I have to do it.” That’s the thing—I’ve never met him or worked with him until I went in for the casting. I was way nervous because I’m way shorter than everyone. I mean those models are models. That’s what they do. That’s not what I do. Also, I’m so clumsy and the shoes were so big on me, I kept telling myself, “Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall.” It was crazy. It was all sand. There were crazy figure eights and shit like that.

Would you ever want to walk again?

Actually, it was really fun so I would do that again, yeah. I think it depends on the designer, though, because I’m also a musician.


You recently moved to New York City from L.A. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

 Metropolis is my favorite store. It’s hard to find great vintage that’s not overpriced in New York. I like to go thrifting at the Rose Bowl when I’m here in L.A.

Finally, what should we expect to hear on your new album Night Time, My Time?

It’s pretty aggressive, in some ways. It’s still poppy, but it’s loud. It’s loud. You’ll see. It’s real loud.