Mutual Core

We’re freaking out a little about this teaser of Björk’s new video… and lucky for us (and everyone else in Los Angeles) we get to see it first, even before the internet. This Monday, MOCA’s hosting an exclusive screening of “Mutual Core” on Grand Avenue from 11 AM to 5 PM. We’ve heard it’s more of a short film than music video, with a lot of volcanic imagery and the trademark Björk intensity we love so much. And since it’s directed by local artist/filmmaker/hacker Andrew Huang, we know it’s going to be out of control. Best thing is, the event is free to everyone, and it screens every 15 minutes, so there’s plenty chance to go. We’re heading over on a Nasty Gal field trip together, so we hope to see you there–we’ll let you know when on Monday… join us!

PS: In case you miss it (or can’t make it), “Mutual Core” will debut on MOCAtv afterwards; if you subscribe to the channel now, you get a free three-month membership to the museum.