Behind Kat Borchart’s Lens

Our latest lookbook goes for Baroque with all kinds of shiny, decorative, romantic, spangly things and we have the legendary Cha Cha Lounge and photographer Kat Borchart to thank for it. She’s an LA-born and based photographer who lives in a bunker-style studio in Los Feliz with her black cat Cash. Here, she tells us about her life behind the lens…

“I’ve been shooting for about five years and I’m drawn to making imagery that is energetic, colorful and natural. The best thing about my job is all the road trips I get to take–this year alone I’ve done Palm Springs, Big Bear, Joshua Tree, and Las Vegas for different projects. I have a great team I work with often and they make the time on the road the most fun, to the point where it never even feels like work.

“Because I’m constantly hoofing around LA for production things, my style is pretty low-key. I tend to gravitate toward basics but when I’m going out at night I love the random piece that makes the outfit stand out: a super bright color, red lipstick, bold print or statement accessory. Otherwise, a daily uniform is a good pair of high-waisted denim (so my booty doesn’t show when bending over!) and some breathable t-shirts–they’re really the best for all types of locations. (See my Nasty Gal choices below!)

“My biggest thing lately has been shooting Polaroids with my new Fuji 210. It satisfies my photo tech side by having more controls than your average Polaroid but it’s obviously portable so I’ve been taking it everywhere, and it’s fun to pass around when going out. I took some on our Cha Cha shoot, too. Speaking of which, HUGE thanks to the guys at the Cha Cha Lounge  for letting us take over their crazy awesome bar. It’s been my watering hole since heading into the Silverlake area a couple of years ago, and it provided the perfect backdrop of kooky art and fun games to occupy us for a full day.”

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