Do us a favor and Google “LIZ Y2k.” Why? ‘Cause she’s going to be the next big thing, and we’re totally calling it. The internet-obsessed L.A. native is equal parts badass streetwear babe as she is ’90s pop star princess. This week, she’ll be heading out on tour with Charli XCX, and to celebrate, we had her take some killer Nasty Gal pieces for a spin through Little Tokyo. (Spoiler alert: A Justin Bieber piñata also makes an appearance.)

(Photos by Felisha Tolentino)

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Tell us the inspiration for this shoot!

It’s my style on crack. I may not wear these things normally during the day, but for shoots it’s fun to exaggerate certain themes and certain colors. It’s definitely 2000s/’90s meets today with inspiration from Britney, Clueless, TLC and Aaliyah.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m influenced by a lot of streetwear and vintage pieces that I find in swap meets or different stores on Fairfax. I guess I’m like Y2K Spice Girls, so there’s definitely influence from my childhood and ’90s/2000s stuff. I love expressing myself through clothes, makeup, hair, jewelry and accessories—I’ve always been like that since I was little. I’d change my outfit 5 times a day, depending on my mood. Even now I have certain days where I where dark makeup because I’m feeling moody or goth. I like to be comfortable so a lot of stuff is oversized. I like to mix a lot of tomboy pieces with really girly pieces.


How has L.A. influenced your style? Where are your favorite places to shop?

My style changed throughout the years. I used to go to the mall when I was a pre-teen and shop at Limited Too, Delia’s, Charlotte Russe and Rampage, but now I don’t really go to that many chain stores that often. If I do, I’ll go to places like American Apparel, Topshop or H&M for really trendy things that are cheap that I can mix in, whereas my other stuff might be a little bit more high end. I love going downtown to all those different shops where you can find people that hand-make or repurpose stuff. I definitely go to vintage stores all over L.A. –in the valley or Santa Monica or Hollywood. I remember when I was a teenager that Melrose was the coolest place to go because that’s when I discovered the whole vintage clothing concept. I remember my mom didn’t like it, and she said, “Ew, why are you buying old, smelly clothes?” I said, “Mom, it’s cool! Trust me.” [laughs]

 Any standout vintage pieces in your wardrobe?

Ohhhh, yes. I have some pretty amazing jerseys that are extremely rare. I get them from different cities whenever I’m traveling and guys friends of mine that have them forever, and they don’t wear them. I’m like, “Are you kidding? This is gold.” There’s this Fubu jersey that I love. It’s pretty rare. I got in at Freak City in L.A.

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Who are some of your style icons?

I just wanted to be Britney for I don’t even know how long, so she really influenced me growing up. The low cut jeans—I was obsessed with that whole look with the midriff. I even tried to get my midriff toned. A mixture of all the Spice Girls, for sure. Definitely Clueless. I remember always wearing knee-high socks after Clueless and Mary Janes and plaid skirts after that. I think Madonna’s been so cool for obvious reasons. She just made everything work. She never made it look like the clothes were wearing her. She was always workin’ it. She’s a big one for sure. Not that I dress like her at all, it’s just her attitude, vibe and confidence that I look up to.

 How does your music influence your style?

In my music I celebrate all my influences in a fresh way, so I think my fashion is definitely representative of that. There’s definitely a nostalgic vibe in my clothing and in my music. I think fashion and music definitely goes hand in hand. It has to, otherwise there’s disconnect.

How do you choose your performance outfits?

Well, I have to wear comfortable shoes because I’m dancing the whole time so I can’t even wear wedges or anything. Right now it’s Air Force 1s. I usually wear an oversized jersey and beanie. I can’t really wear a skirt because of the choreography. I end up flashing everyone and that would not be cool. I guess I’m sporty casual with a girly twist.


How big is your sneaker collection?

Not as big as I would like it to be, but it’s growing by the week.

Tell us about some of your favorite sneakers in there.

Nike made me some custom ones that are turquoise and pink on the inside. We designed them together. They’re so beautiful. I don’t even want to wear them because I’m afraid they’ll get dirty. They’re Air Force 1s. I have a hell of a lot of Nikes.

Any trends that you’re loving right now?

I don’t really wear things because other people do it, but I’ve always been about layers. I used to wear leggings with two different colored socks with a long sleeve T-shirt under my dress. Now, I’ll wear basketball shorts with leggings under them or bike shorts under a skirt. Little layering tricks are fun to add in along with patterns and pops of color.

Any trends that you hate?

 I think the high-waisted shorts are not flattering on everyone because it depends on the shorts and the material. You’ll either have a huge camel toe or mom jeans that you tried to make cool. I’m not a fan of the ass peeking out of the shorts, either—even though I’ve been guilty of that. But let’s try to keep more to the imagination.

Any style advice you want to pass on to other Nasty Gals?

I think you should be the girl that your friends say, “Oh, only so-and-so could pull that off.” Be that person that is fearless and isn’t afraid to have fun and push boundaries and express yourself. Don’t care what other people think.

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