Lunches: With Mae Whitman And Rachel Antonoff



I want to introduce this new thing I’m doing for the blog, except it’s nothing special at all. I’m just eating with my friends and that seems totally normal, but these days we’re Instagramming snacks with 3 ingredients like we’re trying to make it on Top Chef, so this just seemed like the next (techno)logical step. Why? Because my friends are blog worthy, and they’re a lot cooler than I am. I mean, I’m totally partial because these happen to be some of my favorite humans but, hell, they’re just the best. I promise the rest of these won’t have a long drawn-out intro, but I just wanted to lay the framework. They pick the restaurant, and I pick the topic. Pretty easy, right? OK, cool. So without further ado, I present the first edition of Lunches: Rachel Antonoff and Mae Whitman. The topics: ratchet shit and splurges.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to LA, but if you have (and are planning on coming back), Little Dom’s should definitely be on your “Where to Brunch” list. Or, if you’re Rachel, it’s probably on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner list. When we met up around 3 PM,  she had already been there once that day and the night before. Little Dom’s is a staple in Los Feliz, and their pancakes are better than a 24-hour IHOP binge after the bar the closes. (You guys compare everything to IHOP too, right?)



Food? I had scrambled eggs, a side of avocado and toast. Just an hour before I had stuffed my face with pancakes and sausage at this exact same restaurant, so I had to take it easy.

On the low? I keep a box of Bounce fabric softener in different rooms in my apartment and in my suitcase when I travel. It makes everything smell like heaven. Sometimes I pinch my cheeks like crazy before I go somewhere instead of putting on blush like a real freak.

Splurge: Favorite beauty shortcut: I go to LA and use Mae’s La Mer lotion. A real penny saver!


Food? I chose my egg dish because it’s a perfect cute circle and also because you can’t beat crisp mushrooms mixed with a little cheese and a little onion. I am still confused about eggs and what they are and what they mean to me, but you are hardly brunchin’ if you don’t order an egg dish.

Oh, girl…? I am gross, and sometimes I smell gross. One time, my friend Alia and I were at a meeting and realized our armpits smelled less than 100%. All we had were orange peels, so in a fit of grotesque genius we rubbed them on said pits, and it totally helped! So, tip number one is: peels on pits.

SpendSpendSpend: If you’re REALLY together, you could just stock up on my favorite deodorant, Queen Helene’s Mint Julep. It’s the only natural stuff I’ve found that works!

Just a friend: And in a pinch, you can all follow Rachel’s lead and come to my house and use my La Mer anytime.


Steak Note:

Hey, if we’re fessing up to gross shit we’ve done, I think I’ll keep it clean by admitting that I put off washing my dirty hair for days and saved serious money on dry shampoo by using corn starch instead. Also, I’m not above using a highlighter when I can’t find an electric shade of pink lipstick. My splurges revolve around the Dermalogica skin care program—it’s the only thing that brings my skin back from the dead. As for my eggs, it’s not a good time if there’s no mushrooms. And three different kinds? Well, you know I’m set.

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