How To Be A Summer Goth


Seapunk was cute and normcore is nice, but if there’s a single look you should really consider as temperatures turn up, it’s the one that features dark layers, enough silver jewelry to weigh both your hands down, and an attitude that says, as Yohji Yamamoto put it, “I don’t bother you, so don’t bother me.” With #AllBlackEverything on the rise, Summer Goth is the go-to for those of us who are unwilling to trade in our floppy hats and black shawls for pink bikinis and tanks. If you’re interested in doing something unexpected this summer, look no further to get the look.

1. Get totally submerged

Nothing says goth girl like a black, high-waisted swimsuit and a dramatic dive into the deep end. Freak your friends out and look good while doing it—that’s the name of the game.

2. Cotton is king


The key to staying cool while going dark is keeping your fabrics light and loose. If possible, stick with cotton, rayon, or silk. It’s all about finding the deepest colors in the lightest fabrics and then layering them together.

3. Shred until you’re dead


When all else fails, take your dark clothes from the cooler months and rip them up. Not only does it look like you’re a badass who doesn’t care about the quality of your own clothing, but it also lets more air in.

4. Allow for color—sometimes


It’s important to realize that being goth isn’t just about wearing all black, especially in summer. Dark purple and silver give off the same vibe, but remind people that you’re more than just a blob of darkness.

5. Keep the Lorde lip

4 dark lip

If you’re looking to keep it simple, a dark lip paired with shorts or a dress could be your go-to. In the summer, the look is less about piling things on and more about picking out a few of your favorite components of the goth style and going with it.

6. Get slitty

Micah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Cue Clothing_Glassons campaign editorial_All black editorial_Windsor Smith editorial campaign_Leather biker jacket_Summer editorial_Androgynous model editorial_90s grunge fashion editorial

Wearing dresses with slits is (secretly) super selfish because nothing is more comfortable and easier to move around in.

7. Re-boot

keep those boots

On the East Coast, everyone has a favorite pair of black boots that gets them through a tough winter. If you still can’t get your go-to pair off your mind, try mixing them in with your outfit. You might find that they give an extra kick (yeah, I just did that) to your outfit.

8. Lead with leather


In girl world, summer is the one season a year when a girl can wear flip flops, and no other girls can say anything about it. (In case you didn’t catch that, I just integrated two lines from Mean Girls into one sentence. You’re welcome.) If you can’t imagine your life without your summer sandals, don’t abandon that freedom just because you’re going dark. Instead, find black leather sandals or opt for silver gladiators.

9. Two (or three) is better than one


Goth is really more about attitude than anything. If you really want to commit to the look this summer, surround yourself with friends who are buying into the look as well. Nothing is more intimidating than a horde of girls all clad in similar clothes walking toward you. Also, it doesn’t hurt if all of your friends are models.

10. Max out on lace


Wearing black lace is an automatic entrée into goth society. Lace is also super breathable and thin, and gives off that I’m-delicate-but-don’t-mess-with-me vibe that we’re all kind of looking for.

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