Russian Rebel Elena Sheidlin


Elena Sheidlin embodies everything that is good about fashion:  she’s fearless, creative, and one of a kind.  The 20-year-old, St. Petersburg-based blogger is usually sporting electric blue hair and covered in tie dye, feline prints, or something cosmic. She’s a fan of looking different, wearing ballsy outfits in a country where “it takes courage to stand out,” to say the least. We caught up with Elena to talk little blue whales, backpacks as safety blankets, and why defiance is the most important accessory.


We think your style is pretty amazing. How did you first get interested in fashion? 

The fashion world has remained a closed book for me. My stay has been based on a desire for individuality. I believe that young people do not need fashion designers. Early on, I realized how creativity colors clothes, especially those that are cheap and torn. That’s where I started.

What’s it like to dress as you do in Russia?

My country is a very conservative place. To stand up and be creative in your outfit choice takes courage. Every time I walk on the street it’s a test. In spite of that I love Russia; there you can become a pioneer of everything trendy because most people aren’t getting crazy with clothes. Becoming special here is much easier than in Europe or America.
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How would you describe your style in four words? 

My uniform of defiance.

What’s one clothing item you can’t live without? 

 I always need to be wearing a backpack. It’s the one piece that I can’t walk onto the street without.


Who or what is your spirit animal? 

  I’ve always thought I was a small blue whale!

On a typical Friday night, where can we find you? 

  At home, in bed, manufacturing another batch of photos! 
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