Neoprene Dream Team


Stylists Ingrid Kesa & Hayley Morgan met back in the MySpace days and have been gaining major attention ever since. The duo behind you and me recently put their too-cool-for-school spin on our Spring ’13 Collection for Aussie mag, Oyster, and we’re totally feeling their flare for teen nostalgia and the “unselfconscious” ease of girls ditching class in their ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt. Here, they give us a glimpse into their inspiration and the pieces they can’t wait to wear.

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Can you tell us a bit more about what inspired the styling of this shoot?

Hayley: The Nasty Gal pieces were the starting point, and we built around them from our own and Mateja’s own personal collection. Unselfconscious teen fashion always rules. Looking cool is way better than looking ‘hot’.

Ingrid: We’re both vibing off lad culture right now so that’s where the sporty side comes in. As Hayley said we’re also into teenage nostalgia, so in a lot of the work we’ve done so far we seem to go for a chilled out school holiday feel — being bored but carefree, walking aimlessly around the suburbs and shooting the shit.

Why did you choose Mateja?

H: She’s just the best! Easy to work with, has great style, and has that sharp kinda staunch look like Julia Nobis, which works really well with sporty clothing.

I: We worked with her on our ‘48 Hour Party People‘ shoot and she’s got a great tomboy thing going on.

What are your favorite pieces from the NG Spring collection?

H: The Infinity Crop Tank, Mission Control Jumpsuit and Heavenly Body Tee.

I: The Heavenly Body Tee is one of my favourites too, so good for chucking over an old destroyed t-shirt. I also like the Gateway Pants — they’re like tailored pants crossed with basketball shorts. Sick!

What’s more important: the journey or the destination?

H: The journey if it includes helicopter rides and red wine; the destination if it’s deep sea or outer space.

I: The journey if it’s a road trip with the windows down; the destination if it’s public transport.

To find yourself or to make yourself?

H: You are you. Just be!

I: They go hand-in-hand.

Daydreams or mirages?

H: Daydreams. Mirages don’t help anyone.

I: Daydreams.

The beach or forest?

H: Forest.

I: Both — nature rules.

Heels or sneakers?

H: Sneakers.

I: Sneakers all day, every day.

Mesh or lace?

H: Mesh.

I: Mesh.

Eyeliner or lipstick?

H: Lipstick.

I: Lipstick.

Prints or monochrome?

H: How admirable to have the control for a monochrome wardrobe. Prints though.

I: Prints on prints! It’s funner that way.