Melting Rainbows


Last week, our ace aesthete (our web designer Martine) braved the pulpy weirdness of cult movie du jour, Spring Breakers and somehow lived to tell the tale. This week, she’s getting us in a whole new psyched out mindset (perfect timing with desert days in our future) with the washed out prints of Taisuke Kayoma.

Taisuke Koyama prefers the close up to the wide shot. His abstract images attempt to capture the universe through extreme specificity. In his “Melting Rainbow” series, Koyama reused prints from his 2009 series “Rainbow Form” and photographed the paper every day as it mutated on his balcony. The result is a stunning play of surface and texture as the ink bleeds, the water beads and the color melts. The psychedelic photographs contradict the corporate origins of his source material, a ubiquitous ad in Tokyo, to show that nature and nurture are never as far apart as we might think.