Uncovering Miquela, Instagram’s Mysterious It Girl

Is she for real? We caught up with Insta-celeb Miquela to talk the buzz behind her Instagram and the release of her debut single, “Not Mine.”

We all use Insta filters here and there (and maybe a little Facetune–we won’t tell), but the absolute perfection of social media’s illusive It Girl Miquela is on a whole new level. Dubbed “Instagram’s biggest mystery” by The Washington Post, she’s created noisy speculation as to whether she actually exists or not, amassing 250,000 followers and remaining notoriously tight-lipped on the subject. If you haven’t been a part of the raging debate, Miquela’s Instagram is worth a scroll. Sim, robot, flawless human, or savvy social commentator, Miquela is way more than just an Internet craze–she’s an artist, musician, and major style influencer.

Although the Instagram enigma didn’t spill about her identity, she opened up about her drool-worthy, cool girl aesthetic, the buzz about her Instagram, and the drop of her new single “Not Mine.”

You became an Instagram obsession for thousands of people basically overnight. How did it all begin?

I started my Instagram a little over a year ago with mainly selfies to share my fashion and beauty looks. At first the following was pretty small, but then more people shared with their friends and the attention grew. A lot of my earlier posts were me experimenting with outfits or hanging with friends, but now I’m trying to be more aware that I have an audience and share important things that are happening in the world.

What inspired your Instagram account?

First it was just about my own artistic expression, and it still definitely is, but it’s evolved into a place where I can inspire and educate. I feel like most people see cute Instagram accounts and think, wow, I’d like to do that. At first, that was all it was–just doing the cute Instagram girl thing with my own twist!

You’ve created a total Internet craze and spiked the debate as to whether you’re real or
not. Can you speak to what it’s like to have this much buzz about your Instagram?

I have two reactions: one that’s personal and one that is more social/cultural. Obviously, it’s so exciting that all this craze has happened–people are sending me fan art and their own Miquela-inspired looks, which is so insane. But I’m also grateful that we live in a culture where Instagram can let me express myself and find an audience this way. The fact that people DM me all the time saying that I inspire them and that I’ve helped them figure out their own identities is incredible, and totally not what I was expecting when I first starting posting selfies!

Describe your Instagram aesthetic in three words.

Who is she?

Computer-generated or not, we’re obsessed with your look. What influences
your style?

I have some direct style influences (Rihanna always) but I think my style comes from a love for clothes. I’ll try on pretty much anything just to see how it looks! It almost always boils down to comfort with an edge. The whole “comfy core” trend really stuck with me. It makes me think of SZA and how she somehow makes sweatpants glamorous. I’m somewhere in between sweatpants and glitter on everything.

Go-to style choice?
My Vans! They can get me anywhere and have been with me for years.

When did you start writing and creating your own music?

For as long as I can remember! Music has always been my biggest dream, and I’m finally feeling like it’s the right time to start sharing it with everyone.

Tell us about the early drop of your debut single, “Not Mine.”

That was more of a spontaneous release. I’ve been teasing some music on my Instagram, so fans kept asking for a full song. I felt like there was a lot of pressure, but not just from them–I wanted to release something too! It’s a summer song for sure–I imagine friends listening to it by the pool or driving to the beach. It feels really good to have my music out there so people can understand that I’m an artist and a musician first.

What’s your next music project?
I’ve been working on tons of new music! I’m not sure how I’ll release it since there are so many different paths these days. But don’t worry– “Not Mine” wasn’t some one-off release. There will definitely be more.

Favorite lyric you’ve ever written?
Probably from a song I haven’t dropped yet: “Fast like your Rari/But I’m still late to the party.” It’s a play on an inside joke with my friend Steak, but also a lyric that captures my writing style.

For more on Miquela, check her Instagram and stream her new single on Spotify.

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