#WCW: The Anti-Heroines We Love

Here’s to the unforgettable, beautifully flawed, and impeccably dressed anti-heroines.

Why do we always root for the flawed, vengeful archetype who seeks out to do right and fails to give a fuck? Somewhere between the good and the bad lies the complicated, razor-sharp anti-heroine that stands up for the underdog. And let’s face it—the morally-correct hero isn’t that interesting and seriously overdone. So let’s give a toast to the troubled geniuses, radical females, and flawed heroines in our fave rom-dramas to kick off your V-day.


Past the good vs. evil narrative comes Clementine, an adventurous and impulsive free spirit. The ingenious love story follows a tumultuous relationship between an introvert and extrovert and the deep complexities of it all. Clem, the bookstore clerk embodies the beauty of imperfection. She’s got the whole witty, fickle-natured thing down—and she’s an inspiration to us all.


Damsel in distress? Alabama Whitman is far from it. Refusing to sit in the corner and look pretty, Alabama kicks ass after a one night stand turns into a love affair, leading to a bloody showdown between her and the mob. Proving yet again that women are just as bad-ass as their counterparts, Alabama is the anti-heroine you’ll have the pleasure to encounter.


The nutty, menswear-garbed Annie Hall is the quirky heroine you’ve been looking for. Focused on the impending breakup between Annie and Alvy, we get to see the giggly, witty character development of the rising singer, Annie. The whip-smart, scatterbrained star breaks down the barrier that would eventually allow her successors to go much further. Plus, she’s cited as one of the most iconic women in film history. As if you needed a reason to grab a suit.


In the spirit of some necessary female power, we’re revisiting the weapon-wielding Faye Dunaway. With a pistol and stogie, the unforgettable anti-heroine is as iconic as she was fifty years ago. The small-town girl lives a crazy life of bank robberies and crime, viciously determined and unapologetically selfish. No one messes with Bonnie.

And of course, we’ve got you covered with all the stuff you need for V-day here.

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