Staff Picks: Sarah Parry, Producer

Our current must-haves, according to the boss babes of Nasty Gal HQ.

Pheobe Sweater

Ever wonder where we find our insanely cute models? Thank our equally adorable Producer, Sarah Parry. When she’s not scouring the globe for babes and holding castings, she’s arranging transport, booking hotels, and scheduling our studio operations–while also finding time to source and secure all the little details of our TV commercials. But being a super busy Renaissance woman doesn’t stop Sarah from being one of the most cheerful people we know; whilst breezing into the office looking effortlessly flawless. How does she even do it!? We spent a morning with Sarah snapping her in her ridiculously cool central Manchester pad, while getting the 4/11 on her style secrets.

A Little Ruffle and Tumble Blouse, Shoes coming soon but in the mean time.

“I never really knew how I should dress when I was growing up, I would often just follow the crowd. I had some awful fashion faux pas that I’d rather forget (e.g Harry Potter glasses and floral dresses). It’s only as I’ve gotten older that I’ve become more comfortable and confident in what I choose to wear. I would describe my style as casual and off-duty! A lot of denim, leopard print, and stripes. I live in jeans! And a leather jacket, trusty black converse, and gold hoop earrings are definitely my wardrobe staples. They are all failsafe’s that never let me down.”

Star Sign Tees here and here,  I Love Croc N’ Roll Boot

“I usually look at Instagram for my style inspiration! I have so many screenshots of things I want/need on my phone! I also love walking by shop windows and looking at the mannequins and displays – usually at shops I can’t afford hahaha. I usually shop on high street at Topshop, Zara, Mango etc. and of course, Nasty Gal. My favourite go-to item is a pair of ankle boots (I have way too many to choose from). For me, it’s all about the shoes ! Shoes always make an outfit and you can NEVER have too many. They are usually the first thing I pick and build an outfit around. Rings–I love wearing lots and mixing gold, silver, and colors. I used to work in a jewelry shop and it started my obsession with jewelry.”

Harvest Moon Necklace

“My favorite piece from the shoot is the purple studded shoe, I love the colour! The best style advice I could ever give is–buy the shoes! You won’t regret it! I also love the ombré jumper – baggy and comfy, the perfect combo. I love the mix of the animal print and bright pink in the mini skirt – perfect to dress up and down.”

Don’t Blend in Skirt, Friend of Shine Sandal 

“I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and after studying fashion marketing at Uni I took a temporary job as a buyer’s admin assistant, when the job came to an end I took a job at the same company working in a production team and loved it! I knew it was the job for me. I’m an organization geek and always pretty calm, which is perfect for the gig!”

(Unfortunately Sarah’s killer flat not for sale.)

“After a move to Manchester and one job later, I landed at Nasty Gal! The best thing about my job is the variety! No two days are the same. I could be booking travel, photographers, and raising invoices one day, then looking for poodles for a photo shoot the next (true story). I also get to work with a great team of talented people every day.”


Photography by Emily Ashcroft.

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