Girlboss Recap: Episode #10

Briony Smith breaks down each episode of the Netflix show chronicling Nasty Gal’s beginnings. Because we’re super old school that way.


By Briony Smith


Whoa, you guys—this week’s installment had an entire Very Special Episode’s worth of dramz packed into a whip-crackin’ 30 minutes. It also was one of the funniest eps this show has produced so far, thanks to the ingenious idea of dramatizing the Vintage Fashion Forum’s online bickering by showing their IRL counterparts trading zings around a war room table. The setting is appropriate because this week, our nasty gal—and all the vintage fashion nerds, TBH—is extra-nasty and spoiling for a fight.

The Vintage Fashion Forum cabal is perfectly cast, with Melanie Lynskey back in prairie garb as hardass moderator Gail leading the forum discussion, a.k.a. the Nasty Gal witch hunt. (She’s still steaming over Sophia’s upcycling that fifties gown, it seems.) Also present are the fabulously named ItTakesAVintage (“Please start a separate thread for your gloves, which are from the ‘40s and are clearly Nazi gloves. Great find.”), conspiracy theorist OzarkHopeChest, all-caps and pet enthusiast SKIRT_RUSSELL, the endlessly self-promoting TimesAndTreasures and GoodTwillHunting, who has a major boner for Gail (along with GIFs—the man was ahead of his time!) and constantly tries to get into her pants with gems like “Great eye, and even better moderating.” He also likes to constantly remind all forum members, “We have fun here.” <<insert keyboard cat>>

Sophia, however, is not having any fun at all, since all the forum members are mad jellies of her success and are scheming how to take her down. She lobs a few Elephant Man burns at them (“even worse, she completely missed the point of The Elephant Man,” OzarkHopeChest huffs) until Annie, ever the voice of reason, instructs her BFF to back off, as no good can come of feeding the trolls. “Do not engage” is her sage counsel. “You do not come across fun online.”

Ans has clearly been keeping it tight at work herself: she is up for a promotion to manager at her beauty store, but she’s unsure if she wants to take on that time commitment when Sophia needs her help building Nasty Gal (current duties include organizing the office, doing makeup on shoots and running the PR department). Her coworker Pilar is disturbed that Annie’s been doing so much for free—and especially when Nasty Gal is bringing in so much cash. “This is your Sliding Doors moment,” Pilar proclaims. (Dude, I talk about Sliding Doors moments all the time! I always wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t stumbled across my future life partner on OkCupid and sent him a sassy message. Feel free to tweet me your craziest ones.)

Annie, girlboss that she is, marches right back to Nasty Gal HQ and tells Sophia that she has something she wants to talk to her about and tells her that she’d pick working full-time fo’ reals at Nasty Gal over the manager gig. Then Sophia shoots it down in the coldest way possible, informing Annie “there’s no job for you’re here.” ROUGH, Sophia. Rough. This sends Annie running to the Vintage Fashion Forum, where she proceeds to talk rash about her bestie, which is witnessed by Sophia. This fight is then taken into a chat window and shit goes nuclear fast, with Sophia accusing Annie of trying to ride her coattails and Annie pulling out the ultimate weapon: revoking her best-friendship. Sophia ugly-cries. (As she should—don’t let Annie go!)

Sophia also chose one helluva a moment to side with business over BFFs. The Vintage Fashion Forum move on their nemesis, banding together to remove from eBay their forbidden website links and then report Sophia for having hers. I wasn’t sure how this would play out at first; surely eBay would just dole out a warning, no? No. eBay brings down the hammer on Sophia, hard, decreeing her that not only is her Nasty Gal eBay store closed for business, but she is not allowed to open any other eBay shops in future. It’s clear that it’s time to leave eBay and become a legit e-commerce site, but that isn’t the scariest development—the real conundrum is whether Annie will be by her side.


 I was quite enamoured of Dream Sophia’s Britpop-inspired ensemble, complete with Union Jack tee and white overalls (that last item has a high level of fashion difficulty, so I tip my hat to you, m’lady)


 For a group of vintage fashion connoisseurs, they sure do dress like trash (notable exception: that andro beauty sporting the purple button-up and magnificent platinum Prince Valiant ‘do)

 Other Good Stuff This Week:

I’m sorry, but I feel like I need to dedicate this entire section to our wonderful friends of the Vintage Fashion Forum, including the following zings:

-“ItTakesAVintage, if you are cleaning your gloves with anything but a damp cloth, you are, quite frankly, a monster.”

-The teenage troll ImASlave4Blue busting in with 9/11 conspiracy theories and knocking stuff over until stern moderator Gail shuts that shit down.

-Gail’s response to OzarkHopeChest’s constant woe-is-me-ing: “That’s unfortunate but what is most unfortunate is that it’s off-topic” and shouting “Separate thread!” anytime she needs to get everyone back on track

-GoodTwillHunting’s uttering “hee-hee, JK, we have fun here” in 100% deadpan, followed by a perfectly timed dancing banana GIF

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