Home is Where the Art is: Nick Biddle

Let’s talk art baby girl.


By Darcey Taylor


Hey girl, wanna talk about art? Ok— hear me out first before you start running for that virtual door. Talking about art, or just art in general, can seem like pretty intimidating subject matter. Especially since we’ve all met those kind of people who dish out their artistic opinion like it’s the law, making you immediately switch off to whatever they are saying as you resume your cappuccino, earphones in. But we’re hitting mute on those guys, because at the end of the day, art is all subjective, right? And talking about art and checking out your local art scene can be a hella good time; so it’s time to get involved and let’s talk about art, baby.

Nick Biddle

Catching our eyes and minds at the minute is the work of L.A based sculptural artist Nick Biddle. Using either acrylic, concrete, or polymers to create his visions, Biddle’s dream-like sculptures are next level other-worldly. His sculptures combine fluid, evolving shapes with soft yet vibrant colors that certainly feel reminiscent of the natural landscape of L.A. Even though Biddle creates his works in a series of different collections, there is a consistent suppleness which runs through it all. I rarely get to use the word supple, but (finally) I feel it is the best descriptor to use here. The materials Biddle uses, partnered with the incorporation of movement and a translucent color palette, really harnesses the way light functions within the pieces. These are deffo the kind of sculptures you could have in your apartment, without seeming super pretentious, but would still arouse a lot of ooh’s and ahhh’s from all your guests; even if that guest list only currently includes your parents and BFF.

Now for the best bit, the pictures—