Your October ’18 Horoscope

Get ready for some major shifts and cosmic gifts – supreme space witch Remy Ramirez sheds light on the month ahead.

By Remy Ramirez

Illustrations by Grace Miceli

Yes, Libra yessss. It’s your month boo thang, and you get it kicked off with a new moon just for you on the 8th. Real talk though, this moon is a little rocky, and since it’s in Libra, you’ll feel the effects, girl. Think back to what was going on for you at the end of January this year—whatever relationship issues or people were significant for you at the time may resurface for resolution. The good news is you’ll have some star power on your side helping to smooth over the rough edges and tie up any loose ends. Fast forward to the 24th, a full moon in Taurus is bringing all the drama—but maybe good drama? The breakdown is that unpredictable, rash Uranus is all up in it; love planet, Venus, is involved; AND long-time-not-a-good-time Saturn’s in the mix. WTF, so crazy. This is all going down in your house of work and service—the things you dedicate yourself to because you love them, not because you have to (like, maybe your career, maybe your passion projects, maybe your relationship (or lack of), maybe your neighbor’s sick cat). Be on the lookout for big, unexpected shifts in any of those areas. Shit could be flyin’ outta literally nowhere—could be good and long lasting, not chill and fleeting—it’s a wild card. On the 31st, Venus retrograde will move out of Scorpio and into Libra territory, where it’ll chill till mid-November. THINGS COULD HAPPEN, Libra. Things like exes from a thousand years ago being like, “Sup?;” meeting your soul mate; or clearing karma from past relationships. Things not to do during this period: make extravagant purchases or get anything done with the intent of looking good (haircuts, Botox, false lashes)—wait till after November 16th for that, and you should be all good.

Sup, you fierce-ass Scorpions? October starts off with a real wild card when Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 5th, where it’ll hang out till the 31st. This is an astrological rarity, and it just happens to be going down in your sign. Former boos may come crawling out of the woodwork, your perma-boo may manifest out of nowhere (if you don’t already have one), old relationship wounds might resurface so you can work through them, and/or you might not get laid at all for that whole stretch, which I know is dark times for you, Scorp. Pro-tips for Venus retro: don’t invest in anything, and don’t do anything to your personal appearance like get your hair done, have plastic surgery, or do that crazy Kim K thing that rolls over your face and leaves it all bloody. Wait till Venus is back on track, and then it’s all systems go with that business. On the 9th, Mercury enters Scorpio, where it’ll chill till the 31st; YAS you get a major player on Team Scorp for most of the month! In general, you’ll see lots of opportunities to communicate (maybe even via public speaking) and/or use that analytical brain of yours throughout October. If you’ve been looking for a good time to negotiate terms or pitch ideas—this month is it. On the 24th, a super powerful Taurus full moon will land in your house of partnerships. This moon is linked up with wild-child Uranus, relationship-oriented Venus, and straight-laced af Saturn. Left-field surprises could for sure be on the menu, especially with bae or any business partners. They could be good shifts or they could suck—no telling—but keep an eye out, Scorp, ‘cause they for sure won’t be boring.

Hey hey, Archer Babes. You get fall off to chatty start with the Sun in Libra lighting up your house of communication for most of the month. Libra is the zodiac’s diplomat—she’s refined, tactful, and great in an emotional crisis. Let those vibes guide you in your communication style this month, Sag. You’re known for being honest to a fault, but there’s also a way of being honest that doesn’t piss everyone off (amazing revelation, I know). This house also oversees publishing, so if you’re a writer, you might see some major strides in getting your work out into the world. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will land in your house of transformations (and sex! Don’t ask why they’re in the same house—it’s a long story). Big changes in your life (and maybe sex!) are on the menu for you around this day, since Uranus, Venus, and Saturn are all playing a role in the Cosmic forces. Uranus is full of surprise changes—she can fuck shit up real quick. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not so much, but either way, since this is all going on in your house of transformations already, chances are it’ll be a wild ride. (Pun intended because sex!) On the 31st, Mercury enters Sagittarius, setting you up for some wins come next month. Mercury is one of those planets that doesn’t get nearly enough credit, but so you know, it fully oversees your brain and your communication! If you’ve been waiting for opportunities to speak your truth, negotiate, pitch ideas, or get published, the last days of October and most of November are custom made for you, bb.

Oh hi, Cap. Welcome to October. You’ll be spending most of it with the Sun in Libra lighting up your house of home and family. Libra’s symbol is the woman with the scales. She’s weighing her options all the time, trying to make the best decision, so there may be some critical deciding on the horizon for you around your living situation and/or family life this month. You earth babes have a habit of saying no before you’ve given a situation much thought—don’t do that, Cap. Sit down and make a list of pros and cons before you go shutting any doors. On the 12th, the Sun in Libra will square Pluto in Cap, and this could mean bad news bears, m’dear. Egos might butt heads, conflicts could lead to destructive behaviors, or fears around being controlled and/or hurt could trigger you to act out. It’s that real real, girl, so don’t be afraid to take whatever comes up to a trusted professional (therapist, hypnotist, reiki healer—whatevs), and work on releasing it from your subconscious so it doesn’t fuck with you in the future. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will make some big waves in your house of long-term life plans. This moon is honestly cray. Rash and unpredictable Uranus is influencing tf out of it, plus Venus is in there and Saturn, too. Be ready for something to fly out of left field and affect any longstanding plans you’ve had in place and send them in a different direction. Then again, this house also oversees foreign travel, so you might just get an unforeseen invite to Bali, which would be extremely dope. It’s a wild card, this moon, so do your best to roll with the punches, Cap.

It’s good times ahead, Aquarius! For most of the month, the Sun in Libra will be lighting up your house of fun, creativity, and flirtation. The combo is killer—Libra is lighthearted and carefree (and a srs flirt), so you’re in a perfect position to take trips, go heavy on the GNOs, lash bat, finger paint,—literally whatever tf you want. You might also spend extra time on your creative work, and honey, it would be time well spent. On the 10th: drama (gasp!) when Venus in Scorp squares Mars in Aquarius. If you’re in a relationship, things could get heated, affairs are possible, tempers may flare. There’s a sexual note to this square, so issues might even come up around sexual frustration. If things with bae are all good, there’s also a possibility that y’all just have great sex around this day. And if you’re single, there’s an increased chance of getting laid! (You are welcome, Aquarius!) Just be careful with getting attached—this energy is volatile, so it may not be a forever kinda thing. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will hit up your house of career and fame. This full moon is a real mind-fuck, not gonna lie. It’s heavily attached to Uranus, the spazziest planet in the zodiac; Venus, who oversees the things you love; and Saturn, who’s just like this curmudgeonly, disciplinarian dad. Weird. So yeah—major, unforeseen changes could def be headed your way in the career department. Could be awesome changes, could be not chill changes. Whatever the case, with Saturn in the mix, it’s likely these shifts will stick around for a minute, so lean in, Air Mama.

Hi hi, Pisces! You’re easing into October with Sun in Libra lighting up your house of work and service through the 22nd. Libra is passionate about justice, beauty/art, and diplomacy, so you might find yourself taking up causes or work in these areas. I actually see a lot of similarities between Pisces and Libra, so getting on that level should be pretty seamless and good vibey for ya, Fish Sister. On the 5th, Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde in your house of creativity. Due to some fixed stars that are also in the mix, this is actually a KILLER time for your creative projects. Buckle down and get as much of your creativity out as possible. Because retrogrades also turn our focus backward, you might be tying up loose ends from previous projects or using past relationships as inspo for your current work. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will land in your house of friendships, networks, and the Internet. This moon is weird, girl, for real though. It’s bringing super unpredictable changes that have the potential to stick around for a minute. Friendships may be coming or going quickly, any social groups you belong to might experience some upsets, or you might get a message via the ‘netz that change things in a real way. (If you’re single, I’d recommend online dating around this time, because Venus, planet of love, is also in the mix with this moon). No way of knowing what the stars have in store, bb, so just cruise through whatever surprises are headed your way.

Ready to pair off, Aries? The Sun in Libra will be cruising your house of partnerships through the 22nd, which is v auspicious for anyone on the hunt for that SO. I mean, it’s auspicious anyway, but Libra is hardcore into partnerships, so the combo is supergood. It also applies to non-bae partners like biz partners, writing partners, party partners—all the partners. Just be careful, Ram Mama, because Venus is retrograde starting on the 5th, which has the potential to bring exes back into the mix, making you think that it wasn’t as bad as you remember (it was) and that you should give it another go (you shouldn’t). As it turns out, Venus retrograde is falling into your house of work and service, so while you might be in the clear with yester-bae, definitely be on the look out for some potentially rocky situations around your work, volunteer efforts, and passion projects. On the one hand, past relationships might somehow disrupt flow in these areas, which would suck. On the other hand, this Venus retrograde is great for creativity, so you might find that your work actually gets a creative bump as a result. OR you might end up having to work with an ex!! That would be wild, but it’s totes poss with this aspect. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus lands in your house of spirituality and secrets. This moon is unpredictable af—the aspects are similar to August’s moon: crazy Uranus is all up in there, Venus is in it, pulling on your heart strings, Saturn’s sitting there, not putting up with any shit. What does it all mean? Well, since Uranus creates quick changes out of nowhere, a secret might be revealed to you—good or bad—that means a lot to you (Venus) and creates a lasting change in your life (Saturn). You might also be able to create lasting, positive change by seeing a healer of some kind (reiki, psychic, tarot, etc.), so definitely treat yourself to some of that on the full moon. It’ll be worth it, Aries.

Heya, Bull Babes. Through the 22nd of this month, the Sun in Libra will be lighting up your house of transformations. This house is actually pretty intense; it oversees (figurative) death and rebirth, so it’s a powerful time to look at what you’re ready to let go of, and what you’re ready to bring in. Libra is the sign of ultimate balance, so check out the places where your life doesn’t feel balanced—health, sexy times, work, friendships—and ask yourself what you can let go of in order to create equilibrium. On the 5th, Venus will retrograde in your house of partnerships (bae, biz partners, etc.) till the 31st. Oof. Luckily for you, there are some good aspects here though, making this a bit of a toss up; the result really depends on any underlying tensions in your partnerships that have carried through to this moment. If shit’s been crusing through bummer times, Mars’ presence in the situation could create volatile, rash behavior and flared tempers. If the relationship is solid, you might just have some great sex or killer brainstorm seshes. Amazing how that works! On the 24th, you get a moon just for you! The full moon in Taurus on that day comes wrapped with a little drama (just to keep things interesting), and since your name is slapped to this one, you might well be on the receiving end. Keep a look out for swift changes that shift how you see yourself or your life. They aren’t necessarily bad, but they are long-lasting because Saturn is involved, so that may take some getting used to. Whatever change is headed your way, it’s no use fighting against it, Taurus, so put the horns away. Life is just what happens while you’re busy being stubborn af about your plans.

Girl it’s gettin’ real. Till the 22nd, the Sun in Libra will be transiting your house of long-term plans. Libra is into things like social justice, beauty/art, and having fun (that Libra, so well rounded). One or more of these areas might become a long-term thing for you, maybe through your profession, your home, or just a new philosophy on how to live your life. That or you’ll meet a Libra and fall in love and get married. So many surprises from the Cosmos. From the 5th to the 31st, Venus will retrograde through your house of transformations, which is also a big deal. This house deals with death and rebirth (figuratively speaking), and Venus will look backward to past relationships and the issues they brought up for you. Because you’re in the house of transformations, I would say you can expect something to come up around relationships that changed you, so that you can heal whatever wasn’t healed or resolve whatever wasn’t resolve. It’s a super powerful combo, Gem Mama, so pay attention. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus lights up your house of earned income. Holla! Taurus actually oversees this house, so it’s pretty sweet. Definitely be on the lookout for some quick, unforeseen changes coming to your bank account. TBH, idk if these are good changes or not, but I’m gonna go with super fucking good because they’re here to stay for a minute thanks to Saturn’s influence. Venus is also impacting this moon, so something or someone you love could be involved. I’m going with the following: Work you fucking love doing and are super passionate about is going to manifest, you’re going to make a bunch of money doing it, and it’s going to last a long time. I mean, why not, ya know? Get it, Gem.

Yo, Crab Mama! You get the month kicked off with the Sun in Libra chilling out in your house of career and fame through the 22nd. Libra covers a lot of ground, so any of the following could come up for you in your werk zone: being super pissed about an injustice, beauty/art, trouble making decisions, or needing to be diplomatic. If it’s the latter, just take a deep breath and choose your words wisely, Cancer—channel those balanced Libra vibes. On the 5th, Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, landing in your house of long-term plans and foreign affairs till the 31st. This Venus retrograde is bringing drama to couples and gifts to all the single ladies. With a square to Mars, tempers could flare, sexual frustration could mount, and volatile behavior could surface—especially if you’re booed up in a situation that’s been rocky for a minute. Howevs, if you’re single, Uranus is also getting involved to change things up unexpectedly in some very sweet ways. Because this is all happening in your 9th house, there’s a good chance that these change will have a lasting effect for you—single or no—and potentially involve someone from overseas. It might be a good-time-not-a-long-time situation, but if you’re both ultra independent, it could be a good time that lasts a long time. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will light up your house of communication and publishing. This moon is in cahoots with wacky af Uranus who makes off-the-cuff decisions; Venus, who affects your relationships and loved ones; and Saturn, who establishes long-lasting change. If you’re in publishing or communications, definitely look for some big shifts around this day in your career. If you’re not in those fields, all signs are pointing to a super important convo (with or about someone you love) that will surprise you. It’s a lot, Cancer, so remember to breathe and chill as much as possible.

Rawr. You’re getting October kicked off with the Sun in Libra lighting up your house of friendships, networks, and the Internt, Lady Lion. SO GOOD. Libra doesn’t oversee this house, but she’s a big fan. This is a killer time to be social af, network it up, and get back on those online dating sites. Libra’s energy will bring ultra friendly, fun, and flirty vibes into the mix, so live it up. From the 5th to the 31st, Venus in Scorpio will retrograde through your house of fame and career. This Venus retrograde actually has a lot going for it, Leo, especially in terms of creativity. Being creative this month will get you extra points in the career department, so go big (as if you’d have it any other way). The down side is that it’s squaring Mars, which could bring out tempers and general asshole behaviors from co-workers, so heads up to keep your cool should such bogus events transpire. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will light up your house of home and family. This moon is dynamic like whoa. It’s super influenced by Uranus who pulls punches like no one else, with some Venus and Saturn in there for good measure. You could see fast, out-of-nowhere changes in your living situation or with your family. There’s no way of knowing if these changes will be fun times or bummer times, but with Saturn up in it, they’ll likely have a long-lasting effect. Whatever the situation, use that Leo optimism to navigate your way through, and you should be golden, bb.

Hiya, Virgo. You’re ushering in the new month with the Sun in Libra transiting your house of secrets, shadow, and spirituality. Libra’s symbol is the lady of justice, so there’s a possibility a secret may be revealed to you relating to an injustice (read: scandal)—so heads up there. On the other hand, this is a great month for partnering up with a healer (tarot, reiki, etc.), so git that, V. From the 5th to the 31st, Venus in Scorpio will retrograde through your house of friendships. Hmm… a couple things could happen here. One: that seething, resentful Scorpio energy combines with a Mars square to create some srsly not chill drama in your friend crew. OR two: you end up getting so super sexy (Scorpio style) with a friend. Should that be the case, there is actually a possibility that it turns into something more serious, but for that to work, you both have to be pretty independent. Otherwise: no way José. On the 24th, a full moon in Taurus will light up your house of pleasure and creativity. This moon is joining forces with Uranus, who’s just a total wild card, and there’s no telling if it’s headed into territory you’re gonna love or hate. Since it’s happening in your 5th house, what we do know is that anything you’re doing for fun around that day could throw you for a real loop. This also might also be about your creative projects—something unexpected could pop up there. If you have kids, they could be at the center of this mystery, since this house also oversees children. Whatever the scenario, Venus and Saturn are involved, so chances are it will mean a lot to you and have long-lasting effects. Use those Virgo analysis skills to figure out how best to respond to this one, Earth Mama, and you’ll be all good.

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