Your January ’19 Horoscope

It’s Capricorn season and supreme space witch Remy Ramirez has the deets on your cosmic gifts and shifts to come in the new year!

Written by Remy Ramirez

Sup, Goat Babes! You got some good shit going on this month. For starters, it’s your birthday (whoop!), so all things organized, cautiously ambitious, logical, and money happy are on the table and there for the taking (/calculating/compartmentalizing). But beyond the Sun lighting up the World of Cap, you get a super sweet aspect on the 2nd when the Sun conjuncts Saturn in positive aspect to Jupiter. GET IT GIRL. This is a day when good fortune and any kind of expansion will reap positive, long-term results. Lean into the things that make you your badass Cap self around this day, and you’ll feel the love from the Cosmos. On the 7th, Venus will move into Sagittarius and your house of earned income and self-worth, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the month. Sagittarius loves travel, discovery, learning, and fun. Look to these areas for ways of increasing your income. You might also find that jumping into those arenas (especially with a Sagittarius partner in crime) could make you feel fucking good about yourself and life in general. As neighbors in the zodiac, Cap and Sag hold mirrors up to each other, showing the other what else is possible in the world. For you, Sag holds keys to freedom, flexibility, and lightheartedness—that, combined with Venus’ joie de vivre, make for a killer month, Cap, so get up get out and get some. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse will make waves in your house of health and passion pursuits. These eclipses shake shit up anyway, but with this one’s square to Uranus, it could be a ride to remember. Mercury’s also in the mix, so be on the lookout for unexpected messages about your health or anything you do because you want to, not because you have to (this could be work, relationships, parenting, volunteering for a cause, fuckin’ skee ball—anything you do because you just love to do it). Could it be bad news? Yup, that’s a possibility. But it could also just be something to help you shift out of old habits or that makes you feel like you want to rebel. Be careful of your tongue around this day—rollercoaster emotions that will soon vanish could make you say something you can’t take back.

Yup yup, Aquarius, a killer combo comin’ atcha from the Cosmos. Namely: Sun in Cap, which is lighting up your house of earned income for most of the month. YES! Cap is one of the best signs for ensuring financial security, so this mash up is killer for bringin’ in those hundos. Def ask for a raise if you’ve been meaning to—especially on the 2nd, when the Sun and Saturn are conjunct in Cap. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and your house of communication, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the month. Sagittarius is open-minded, curious, and philosophical—bring that energy into any and all discussions with people you care about this month. It may not be the best time for you to have a heart-to-heart, but if you can stretch your mind to include other people’s perspectives, you’ll be able to make headway in any and all relationships. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse in Leo will shoot moonbeams into your house of partnership. This eclipse is square Uranus, the unpredictable planet of IDGAF. She’ll throw wrenches in plans, cause unforeseen about faces—she’s a wild card. Expect the unexpected and some potential emotional rollercoasters with any and all ride-or-dies on your team—bae, biz partners, etc. On the flip, there are def opportunities for new ideas and breakthroughs to shine through, so keep your focus on the good that’s possible should communication breakdowns with your teammates wreak havoc–they just might be the gateway to taking your relationship to the next level.

Water Mama! You’re kicking January off with Sun in Cap lighting up your house of communication for most of the month. Capricorn is direct, logical, and reasonable. She may sway a little insensitive sometimes (especially for you fish babes), but she’ll tell you the cold, hard truth, no fucks given. With your dreamy, idealistic (and sometimes victimy self-sabotage-y) nature, that could be the exact medicine you need, Pisces. You may also need to be the one delivering direct or difficult news this month, and if that’s the case, take some lessons from stone cold Cap—honesty really is the best policy, even when it stings. If you work in communications at all, use Cap’s love of money and organization to help you move work projects along (cough, ask for a raise, cough cough, get your ducks in a gd row). Note: the 2nd is an especially good day for this—killer Capricorn conjunction going on. On the 7th, Venus will scoot on over into Sag and your house of home and family. Sagittarius loves travel, learning, and fun. The ideal setup would be a family vacay or making a faraway place your new home this month. You might also find that a Sagittarius in your fam comes to the forefront in working through family issues during this stint. But on a very basic level, this is a signal that filling your home and/or family life with Sagittarius’ love for fun and discovery will get all kinds of approval from the Cosmos. Host house parties, binge travel documentaries, get down on some Yahtzee with the ‘rents—all good things this month. If you’re in a rut, a total lunar eclipse on the 21st will get shit moving in a real way. It’s square unpredictable change-lover Uranus and lighting up your house of transformation. So in other words: big change in the house of big change—not fuckin’ around. This house is ruled by deep, emotional Scorpio, so the shifts you see could be internal (ways of showing up in the world, ways of seeing yourself), but might also be related to outside factors, especially the things you put all your focus on (crushes, passion projects, children, etc.), because this house also oversees fixations. Just be on the lookout around this day for swift changes you didn’t see coming or big emotions that emerge seemingly out of nowhere. And if you get thrown off balance, remember that it’s switching things up so you can ultimately get where you wanna go.

A solid foundation is the theme for you this month, Ram Babe. The Sun in dependable Cap is lighting up your house of home and family for most of Jan., and that means it’s time to hunker down, settle in, and get serious about where you are in life. Capricorn is all about making that money, so you might be working from home or pouring funds into setting up a comfy life for yourself in the digs of your dreams. You might also be creating strong foundations so that money can flow in quickly and easily. Whatever the scenario, Capricorn responds well to organization, logic, and long-term planning, so get those ducks in a row, bb. On the 7th, Venus will shift into Sagittarius (your fire sister) and into your house of creativity and leisure, where it’ll be for the rest of the month. Dude—killer combo. You may well get some romance pumpin’ through any creative projects you’re working on or through vacays, road trips, or anything else you do just for fun. Also keep an eye out for cuties from abroad—Sagittarius is fun loving, adventurous, and curious about the world—nothing gets her going like a hardcore accent and food she’s never tried before. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse will send major vibes into your house of foreign affairs, travel, and learning (incidentally, the house that Sag oversees, so… lots of love for Sag this month). This eclipse is square wacky, unpredictable Uranus, so things could definitely feel off-kilter and plans could get shook, especially with any overseas connections or school-related activities you have going on. Definitely try not to travel on this day, but if you have to, come with your flicks downloaded because there could def be delays. On the up, this eclipse brings lots of opportunities to pull you out of ruts, so look for breakthroughs that allow you to travel, learn, and expand those horizons.

Oh hey, Bull Babes! The Sun in Cap is lighting up your house of creativity and leisure for most of the month, and it’s actually an unexpectedly good combo. This house is overseen by larger-than-life, fun loving Leo—not a sign that you’d expect to be a good match with Cap. But the truth is that, much like you, Cap is reliable, an excellent planner, and the ideal project manager. If you have a creative project you’ve been working on, this is the month to get a production schedule going so you can crank it out. If you’re trying to make some money off of said project—even better; Cap is the queen at making those hundos flow, so look for ways to cash in. If you have a vacay or road trip on the agenda, use Cap’s energy to help you plan the details and make sure it goes off without a hitch. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and your house of health and passion projects (anything from your side hustle to taking care of your grandma to volunteering at a shelter). Things that you do because you love them could now usher in new romance and sexy times (which is pretty much the best since you want a bae who loves the same shit you do). If you’re already in a relash or not looking for love, harness this energy for healthy self-care: yoga, meditation, hiking, and biking are especially good, since Sagittarius goes hard on spirituality and the great outdoors. The 21st is a major player this month; it’s bringing a total lunar eclipse that will light up your house of career! This is big, and I’m not gonna lie: it could go either way. The bad: It’s square Uranus, the planet of quick changes and rollercoaster-like behavior. This means you could be blindsided with some news or activity about your career that maybe isn’t your fave. The good: This cosmic set up could really go 0 to 60 in pulling you out of ruts and creating new opportunities for you. Even things that look like major bummers at the outset could actually be opportunities to take you to the next level, so keep your wits about you, Taurus.

Hey hey, Gem! Good shit, right off the bat. The Sun is in Cap for most of the month, lighting up your house of health and passion projects (any work you do because you love it). This is a match made in heaven, boo. Cap loves work—she’s just like, Literally how can  I do more work? The only thing she loves more than working is making money from working. Put ‘em together and what do ya got? Working at the shit you love and making money doing it. Since health is also part of this house, be careful you don’t overwork and make yourself sick. The point is to love what you do, not to hate life because you’re working too hard. On the 7th, Venus in Sagittarius will move into your house of partnerships, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the month. This is often called the marriage house, so if you’re looking for a perma-boo, Sagittarius energy will help—things like, travel, spirituality, just having a good fucking time. You also maybe should try falling for a Sag; y’all are a killer match. But it’s not always about putting a ring on it—anything that involves partnering up (biz partners, dance partners, partners in crime)—literally all of these count. If you’re looking for one of these, travel and/or getting out of your comfort zone in some way could be the key (Sagittarius is great at this). If you need to nurture a partnership and keep it from going south, Sagittarius energy is fun as hell, so literally just have fun together. That shit is magical medicine, I swear. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse will light up your 11th house of friend crews, networking, and the internet. Eclipses already like to wreak a little havoc, but this one is especially in it to win it in that category since it’s square Uranus, the planet of quick, unexpected change. It’s even more intense for you because Uranus oversees the 11th house! Be on the lookout for a sudden disruption in your friend crew or on social media, and some rollercoaster emotions to go with it. On the other hand, this could actually be an opportunity to change up your social groups or make key connections that bring you bigger and way better opportunities.

Yes yes, Cancer. You get Jan. kicked off in a house that’s one of your faves: the house of partnership. The Sun in reliable, steady Cap will be hanging out here for most of the month, and that combo is killer. If you’re looking to strike up a srs romance, find a biz partner, put a ring on it—all of these are totes poss when this house shows up. Capricorn is v dependable, and reasonable, so it’s a good time to team up with solid peeps who’ll stick around. It’s also one of the top signs for makin’ money, so this could be your month to join forces with a person or entity that will help you get those hundos flowing. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the month. Venus controls love, relationships, and beauty, and Sagittarius is the zodiac’s philosophical world traveler. This combo is lighting up your 8th house of transformation and sex (and transformative sex!). Sparks could fly with a hottie from far off lands, or you might crush hard while getting your vacay on. If a heartthrob does walk into your life this month, just know that the house of transformation is no joke—IT WILL CHANGE YOU. Before you get that casual one nighter, remember that this house doesn’t do casual. The 8th house is also about death and rebirth–letting go of what doesn’t work so you can bring in what does. Because sagittarius oversees big picture views of how you want your life to be, an important message is to let go of any relationships that don’t nurture the exact life you want to live (aka are wasting your gd time) so you can find the ones that do. Another possibility is the beauty thing—this is a great time to do some major (and transformative) beauty upgrading, whether to your pad, your hair, your closet—aces on all the things. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse is making major changes in your house of secrets and spirituality. It’s square Uranus, the planet known for making swift, unpredictable changes. Secrets could be suddenly revealed around this day—for better or worse (I vote for better, but no promises). You might also become receptive to sudden downloads from a spiritual experience (yoga, meditation, psychic readings, etc.). This would honestly be bomb because Uranus’ crazy af changes can really help you get out of stagnation or find the exact thing you’re looking for to make the changes you need. If you can get yourself some reiki or over to your fave tarot reader, this would be the day to do it, bb.

Happy Jan., Lady Lion! You get the new year kicked off with the Sun in Capricorn lighting up your house of transformation, which is a killer way to start off fresh if ya ask me. Capricorn does best in a structured environment. That energy, combined with this house’s deep, emotional roots (it’s overseen by Scorpio, so… all the feels) means any kind of program or regimen you can join up with that aims to deepen self-awareness and healing will gets lots of love from the Cosmos. This could be therapy, a manifestation program, getting on a meditation schedule, etc. Unless you have water in your chart (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you probably aren’t too pumped at the thought of this kind of work, but baby lemme tell you, it’ll really help upgrade your life. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, joining forces with your house of foreign travels, life philosophies, and learning. Double whammy for you, since Sag oversees this house. If you’re in a relash, it’s a great time to travel together, but more than that, it’s a great time to think big picture about y’all’s situation and what kind of future you want together (and whether you’re on the same page). If you’re open to new romance, this Sag on Sag combo will help you get sexy with someone outside of your comfort zone—maybe from a totally different culture, spiritual practice, walk of life, etc. If you’re on vacay this month, def spark up convos with any cuties you spot—could be a match made in heaven. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse in Leo will light up your first house of self. HOLY SHIT! This is major. Eclipses can cause big shifts anyway, but this one in particular is hardcore because it’s square Uranus, planet of metaphorical earthquakes. It can pull the rug out from under you with no warning and love every minute of it—and that’s especially true for you since this is happening in your sign. Could this be scary and fucked up? Yeah, could be. Could it be awesome and helpful? Yup, sure could—especially if you’ve been trying to get out of a rut in how you see yourself. Either way, just know a major shift could be comin’ atcha on or around this day, and use whatever momentum it creates to know and love yourself in deeper, more authentic ways.

It’s time to play your favorite game, Virgo! It’s called: Gettin’ Shit Together, and no one does it quite like you do. Except for maybe your earth sister, Capricorn, and as the Cosmos would have it, the Sun in Cap is lighting up your house of big picture life philosophies for most of Jan. Like you, Cap creams herself for structure, planning, and details, so the two of you together are going to dominate this house. Think about the kind of life you want—think big—and then make an action plan for getting there. Either that, or plan the ever loving fuck out of a vacay and/or going back to school, since this house also oversees travel and learning. On the 7th, Venus moves into fun loving world traveler Sagittarius and your house of career. I love this combo. Under these influences, I see you doing more work that you genuinely love, that’s in alignment with your worldview, and/or that focuses on foreign places or will have you traveling. You might also meet a cutie on one of these trips or through your work, and get some v sexy vibes goin’. Another option: you take classes you love or make some romance happen with a study buddy. On the 21st, a total eclipse in Leo square Uranus will light up your house of earned income. This can go one of two ways: major changes that you didn’t see coming will have you making more money or less money (I vote for the latter, but there’s no telling when it comes to Uranus). You might also get a surprising idea or offer on this day that relates to money. The more abstract meaning of this house is self worth, and Leo definitely deals with the ego. Unexpected issues may arise on or around this day that affect your values or self-esteem, so the clearer you are on where you stand and who you are, the better choices you can make, Earth Mama.

Sup Libra! You’re getting 2019 off to a v solid start with the Sun in Cap lighting up your house of career for most of the month. Capricorn brings structure, routine, and money into the mix. The 2nd is an especially good day for this, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn in positive aspect to Jupiter (def set up business meetings, pitches, and negotiating on this day). But just in general this month, open yourself to career opportunities that usher in organizational strategies and more money hunny. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and your house of friends, networking, and the internet, where it’ll post up for the rest of the month. This is SUCH a good collection of influences for you. Sag energy is right up your ally: fun, social, and energetic. If you’re looking for love, get on the party train, girl. Do all the things with all the peeps on all the nights. Beyond that just being kind of your favorite thing anyway, you’ll also be partying in the name of love, so it’s for a good cause. Social media also falls into this house, so as much as you may want to banish Tinder for good (we’ve all been there), swipe right on it and any other dating apps you’re into for this month at least. If you’re not looking for romance, Venus wants you to fall in friend love, so get out there and make a hardcore ride-or-die type bestie. On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse in dramatic Leo will light up your house of communication. This moon is square Uranus, planet of crazy changes comin’ outta left field. Be on the lookout for a convo or message that surprises you—something unexpected. Because it’s a square and not a more favorable aspect, it could be bummer news. That said, this aspect could be really good for getting you out of feeling stuck in some place in your life, and helping you build momentum toward something way more exciting and inspiring.

Feelin’ friendly, Scorp? The Sun in Cap is lighting up your house of friendships, networks, and the internet for most of the month, making it a killer time for you to go heavy on the socializing (especially on the 2nd—that day is all good things from the Cosmos, so def circle it on your cal, bb!). Capricorn is hardcore career-oriented, and this house is also great for connecting you with the right people for the work you do, so get minglin’—whether IRL or on the ‘netz. On the 7th, Venus scoots into Sagittarius, where it’ll post up for the rest of the month, lighting up your house of secrets and spirituality. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s truth seeker, so a crush may come clean with you about their feelings, or vice versa. You might also spark a romance or learn about the kind of person you’re looking for by exploring spiritual practices (nothing says romance like a little ayahuasca making you barf all night–but a simple tarot reading will do the trick). If you’re already in a relash, secrets about your S.O. may be revealed after the 7th, or you might take y’all’s feels to the next level by getting into the magical arts together (tarot, reiki, etc.). On the 21st, a total lunar eclipse in drama-loving Leo will send some intense vibes into your house of home and foundations. Eclipses are known to cause quick changes anyway, but this one is square Uranus, the planet of “I’ll pull the rug right out from under you and not slowly either because IDGAF.” Shit related to your actual physical house could go down around this day—something you probably didn’t see coming. Whether it’s a bummer or a blessing is up to the Cosmos, since this energy can be volatile but also super helpful in getting us out of stagnant situations. If your house isn’t the target of this moon, it may be an issue related to your family, (family also falls under this house). Either way, don’t freak yourself out about it now. It’s just a heads up so that you can use the momentum of the energy to push yourself into territory that maximizes your potential and takes you out of anything that wasn’t working toward your ultimate good in the first place.

Let’s get mystical, mystical! The Sun in Cap is lighting up your house of secrets and spirituality for most of the month, Sag, and the results are good times for you philosophical explorers. Capricorn is direct, no-nonsense, and structured, and that energy could help reveal hidden info to you as you get the New Year kicked off. You might also start getting serious about a regimen for your spiritual practices (get that meditation/yoga/whatever woowoo stuff you’re into schedule, bb). If you do any work in the magical arts (tarot, psychic readings, reiki), the Cap vibes will help bring in that cash flow in exchange for your work and talent. On the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius (holla!), where it’ll chill out for the rest of the month. This is a KILL-ER time to love all things Sag to the absolute fullest: travel, learning, adventures, discovery, that new new, philosophizing, socializing—just all the fun, cool shit you’re into. It’s basically a second birthday, so go hard on being a Sag and see what kind of love and romance it draws into your life (romancing yourself totes counts). If you’re already boo-ed up, now is the time for the two of you to get spontaneous—road trips, overseas vacays, and/or something weird neither of you have tried before (I have no idea what that could be since you do all the things, but I’m sure you’ll think of something). On the 21st, a lunar eclipse in go-big-or-go-home Leo will shake things up in your house of pleasure, which is actually the house that Leo oversees! Because pleasure covers a lot of territory, this house can relate to anything from creativity, to vacays and travel, to children. Eclipses are known to make waves anyway, but this one is square Uranus, the most unpredictable change-maker in the zodiac. On the one hand, delays and malfunctions could be on the menu (boo). On the other, this powerful energy could unexpectedly push you out of any ruts you’ve gotten into so that you can experience more pleasure, which is literally your favorite thing to do, Sag, so get that manifestation on and make it happen, girl.

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