Your April ’19 Horoscope

Supreme space witch Remy Ramirez has the deets on your cosmic gifts and shifts to come!

Happy bday, Ram Babe! With the Sun in your house of self most of the month, ya gotta go big with the ambition, competition, and boss moves (your specialty, so NBD). On the 10th, Jupiter goes retrograde in your house of creativity and pleasure, where it’ll hang out till August. It’s a good time to pick up old creative projects you abandoned or take a day trip to a place you used to love. The full moon in Libra on the 19th will oppose unstable Uranus in your house of partnerships—big changes (tite and not so tite) are def possible with biz and life partners, so heads up, Aries.

Sup, Bull Mamas! On the 10th, Jupiter retrograde will go down in your house of health. Unlike Mercury retrograde, Jup retro is actually kinda tight. This is a killer time to cleanse, detox, or start any diet you’ve been eyeing (paleo cookies all up in it). Also a v good time to catch up on sleep or slow your schedule down to get your energy reserves back up (music to your ears, Taurus, I know). On the 19th, the full moon in Libra opposite Uranus will create an upset in your house of taxes, so make sure you’re shit’s legit so the Cosmos don’t send the IRS to your door!

Exes might be making a surprise appearance this month, Gem, as Jupiter retrograde reviews your previous partnerships. I mean, maybe it could work out, but generally speaking, I do not advise ex hook ups during retrogrades (they were shit the first time—remember??). More than anything, this is a way for you to get closure, look honestly at what you can do better next time (even if it’s just being uncompromising about your standards), and feel real good about letting go. A full moon in Libra on the 19th will oppose Uranus and cause swift changes in your big picture plans—get ready for opportunities to come knocking so you can jump right in, Air Mama!

If you’ve been going through some srs changes, Crab Mama, April is gonna help slow things down. Jupiter is bringing big time energy to your house of transformation this year, but it’ll be retrograde most of the month, which means shit’s gonna mellow out on your end, at least for a few weeks, while Jup backpedals. Use the time to nest, pamper, and chill. Your career could get some big shifts on the 19th when a full moon in Libra opposes erratic Uranus. Whatever happens, don’t resist the transformations—they’ll bring good shit in the end, bb.

We all know you love a good time, Leo Lady, but April is about planning ahead for you. Jupiter will be retrograde in your house of life philosophies, making this a v good time size up whether you’re putting energy into the kind of life you want and course correcting as needed. It’s less about the happy hours and more about the happy future, so don’t mess around. Frenz drama could come calling around the 19th, when a full moon opposite unpredictable Uranus lights up your house of social circles. Don’t fuel it with that fiery ‘tude, Leo—take a deep breath and then handle it like a boss.

How’s that whole lucrative career thing going, Virgo? Jupiter will be retrograde most of the month, asking you to look v srsly at your career and whether or not it’s 100% in alignment with what you want for yourself and your future. If not, this year is a KILL-ER time to make the necessary changes—just wait till August when Jupiter goes direct. Secrets could get revealed around the 19th when a full moon in Libra opposes wild card Uranus in your house of the shadow. Whether you love or hate what you find out, roll with it—big opportunities are on the other side, Earth Babe.

Get ready to say what’s up to some past-tense homies, Libra! Jupiter will start its retrograde trek on April 10th in your house of social groups, bringing friends from back in the day into the mix. It should be a pretty cool reunion, unless there was drama, in which case, the Cosmos may be conspiring to create a “let’s talk this out”-type situation. On the 19th, a v intense full moon in Libra will oppose unpredictable Uranus in your house of ego and self-identity. Ch-ch-changes for real, girl. Whatever surprise the Cosmos have for you, it’s got kick-ass opportunities attached, so lean in, Libra.

Get witchy with it, Scorp! Jupiter retrograde starts on April 10th and will be lighting up your house of spirituality and the occult. If you used to dabble in the intuitive arts (tarot, I ching, reiki), this is a killer time to pick it back up. Otherwise, real upgrades can be made by going hard in any of these areas or even just meditating like a pro this month. The 19th’s got a real wild full moon in store for us, lighting up your house of income. Big changes are possible—both chill and not so chill—so keep an eye on that spending and make sure you’re all good in the savings department.

Oh HEY, Sag. Jupiter starts its retrograde transit in your sign on April 10th, and it’s powerful shit for ya. Now’s the time to focus on what matters most—you don’t necessarily have to make any shifts in that direction, just get super clear on a game plan that will allow you to be your freedom-loving self 100%. The 19th is bringing you a totes important message that could be a real game changer when the full moon in Libra opposes impulsive Uranus in your house of communication. TBD on whether you like what you hear or not, but resistance is futile, so do your Sag thang and go with the flow—that’s the number one way to make headway.

It’s all about the Benjamins, Cap (you already knew that though). On April 10th, Jupiter retrogrades in your house of hundos—but don’t freak. Jupiter retro is way more easy going than other retrogrades, and it’s actually bringing opps for you to rake in the dough, especially by looking backwards to something (or someone) from your past. Holla. On the 19th, a full moon in Libra will oppose the kween of quick changes, aka Uranus, in your house of home and family. A surprise turn of events relating to your pad or fam could blindside you, but not necessarily in a bad way. Here’s your heads up, so it doesn’t throw ya way off, Cap.

Looks like a convo needs to go down this month, Air Mama. On the 10th, Jupiter starts its retrograde transit in your house of communication, and big gains can be made from addressing something from back in the day. Whether you need to hash it out with an old bestie or revisit a project you used to work on is still to be seen, but doing so will usher in some v cool shit. Unforeseen forces could impact your creative projects on the 19th, when a full moon in Libra opposes volatile Uranus. Keep your “glass half full” glasses on, and you’ll ride the wave just fine.

Your home front is on the agenda this month, Fish Babe. On the 10th, Jupiter begins a retrograde period in your house of home and fam—but before you have a meltdown, heads up that Jup retro is actually pretty chill and can even bring in some kill shit. For you, going back to your OG home, visiting family, or having a convo with someone you grew up with could bring good juju your way. On the 19th, a full moon in Libra opposite random AF Uranus will create some outta nowhere changes at work. Work your fish magic and swim around any drama, but don’t hide from the praise that may come with this moon—if that’s what the Cosmos have in store, enjoy it, Pisces.

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