Your May ’19 Horoscope

Supreme space witch Remy Ramirez has the deets on your cosmic gifts and shifts to come!

Oh hey, Taurus! A new moon in your sign on May 4th is setting you up to hit it out of the park. It’s literally the best time in the whole year for you to get your wish list down in writing so the Universe can help you manifest tf out of it, so skip happy hour that day and get scribblin’. On May 18th, a full moon in v sexual Scorpio is sextile powerful Pluto in your house of partnerships. If ya got one, you and bae need to get down and dirty that night FOR SURE. If ya don’t, this is a killer time to go boo huntin’.

Sup Gem! Venus, your personal planet of pleasure, is joining forces this month with your house of friendships—SHIT YEAH! Team up with the homies to take some road trips, post some selfies, and basically make v epic memories. On the 18th, a full moon in powerful, transformative Scorpio is sextile its planetary ruler, Pluto, in your house of transformation—which is ruled by Pluto and Scorpio!! WOWOWOW. Expect big changes around this day, probably around letting something go or bringing something new (and extremely rad) in.

Sorry to fuck with you like this, Cancer, but Saturn retrograde’s comin’ atcha in your house of partnerships (WOOF). If you have tough lessons or unhealed wounds around ex SOs or BFFs, May through September are comin’ in hot to help you face the reality so you can heal it and move on. Also comin’ in hot is the full moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto on the 18th. It’s landing in your house of life philosophy, so you may start rethinking your long-term plans around this day, swapping out what doesn’t work for you anymore for a v solid, v tight future.

The Sun, your planetary ruler, is rolling through your house of fame for most of May, Leo, and it is the actual and literal shit. Anything work-related is not only going to see a major boost, it’s also going to get you connected with v important higher ups. Practice that elevator pitch and get ready to make moves. Guess what else—the Scorpio full moon on the 18th is sextile powerful Pluto in your exact same house! WTF?? It’s balls to the wall for your career, but especially around this moon, Leo, so bust out the champers ‘cause it’s time to celebrate.

You’re the queen of being disgusted by everyone, Virgo, but it’s reaching a whole new level this month. Pluto, your ruler of communication, went retrograde at the end of April, and you’re gonna find it V DIFFICULT to hold your tongue when peeps disappoint. It’s fine to offer advice sometimes, but ix-nay on criticism that’s just outright shit talking. On the 18th, it’s time to make a pact with your ride or dies when the full moon in deep, emotional Scorpio is sextile its powerful planetary ruler, Pluto, in your house of friendships. Good things are comin’ to you now through your social circle, so get out there, Earth Babe!

No one loves lockin’ it down like you do, Libra, so brace yourself for a cosmic pressie wrapped up in bow: Venus, your planetary ruler, is sending vibes into your house of partnerships for most of May, and the energy is fast, fun, and flirtatious. Translation: Get your prowl on. If you’re already booed up, carve out a weekend for some srs spontaneity with bae. A full moon in Scorpio on the 18th is going deep into your house of secrets. This isn’t the time to spill the beans for sure—keep those lips locked and skirt the drama, bb.

Pluto, your personal ruler, just went retrograde at the end of last month and won’t go direct till October 3rd. This is some real ass shit, Scorp! Be ready for a deep dive into your own transformative powers. It may feel srsly whack for a hot minute, but the fly AF butterfly will be bursting out of her cocoon in October, so hold tight. Speaking of fly AF, a full moon in none other than Scorpio is sextile powerful Pluto on the 18th, and it’s SO tight. This is your time to shine, so expect good news, good vibes, and all around goodness around this date.

With Saturn, your personal money planet, switching into retrograde till September, it’s time to refocus your finance game toward income sources that’ll actually get you PAID. As they say: Know your worth, and then add tax—and then add mileage and then add a sweet benefits package. On the 18th, the full moon in Scorpio sextile powerful Pluto will help you with those cash issues. It’s falling into your house of income and giving you a powerful upper hand. Be sure to negotiate up—the Cosmos are in your corner.

Great news, Cap! Venus will be chill AF in your house of home for most of May, so it’s burritos in bed for you! (Music to your ears, I know.) It doesn’t mean you can’t venture out once in a while, but the Cosmos are gonna make it real easy for you to cozy up with a season or four of Schitt’s Creek, so don’t fight the urge. Speaking of deep feels, May 18th is bringing a Scorpio full moon sextile Pluto in your house of communication. A VEE powerful convo will likely go down around this day—it’s not your favorite, but feel around for those powerful emotions and get real honest, Earth Mama—it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Ready to go deep, Aquarius? Saturn, your personal planet of shadow work, went retrograde at the end of last month and stays there till September. If you’re harboring any secrets or protecting any secret wounds, boss AF Saturn is gonna see to it that you address those in a real way so you can let them go for good. Speaking of deep, a full moon in emotional Scorpio sextile intense Pluto is lighting up your house of family on the 18th. This is powerful, emotional, and secretive energy, so heads up for some fam drama on or around this day.

Squad drama comin’ atcha, Pisces! Saturn went retrograde last month in your house of friendships, and will be stirring up shit till September. You might even find yourself with a whole new crew come fall, but at the very least, tough talks or lessons with your social circle should be on your radar for the next few months. On the upside, you’re getting a real creative boost on the 18th when a full moon in intense Scorpio links up with powerful Pluto in your house of artistic endeavors. Any projects you’ve been struggling with—that’s the day to make progress.

OH SHIT, Aries! Venus just moved into your sign and it is honestly so tight. If you’re in the market for sexy times (and you obvs are), the Cosmos are sending golden beams of hook up energy your way—single or not. Get your glow up on, and then get up get out and get some, Ram Mama. On the 18th, a full moon in focused Scorpio is sextile powerful Pluto in your house of work. YAS GIRL. Expect to upgrade your power potential at the office (a promotion, a raise, a desk with a view (of your hot coworker?))—the vibes are real, so expect the best.

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