Buh Bye 2018: Getting Real About Resolutions

We’re pretty sure time flies faster as an adult. Before you panic, take a deep breath and read this.

by Jessica Wu

Ah, time. One minute, it’s speeding by (i.e. December. One word: Whoa.) and the next minute, the hours slow to a snail’s place (i.e. Monday mornings at work.). Time is ever elusive and fleeting, but the days, weeks, months, and years are simply methods of tracking its passage. A counting of quantity. The quality of your life is always in your hands.

With the end of a year, comes the pressure of new year resolutions. As a self-critical, overly analytical person, I say: Be realistic. Be ambitious. Be kind to yourself.


What’s over is done. Step away from obsessing over the past and shift that brain power into a space of self-reflection.

To first move forward, you must accept your past. Your purpose will be better rooted, and you will be of better service to others with a more grounded foundation.


Make actionable goals. Your goals are essentially tiny achievable dreams. Avoid succumbing to the pressure of lofty resolutions by doing these 2 things:

1. Make one ambitious goal (i.e. making career moves, getting that raise, bettering your relationship with social media)
2. Commit to one “easy” and sensible resolution (i.e. eating out less, making coffee at home, exercising more)

Before you proclaim that your new year’s resolution is to lose weight, pause and think about the reason behind this desire. There are always deeper reasons for our physical dissatisfaction. Aim to tackle those deeper rooted matters and unearth the truth beneath your cravings (both physical and mental).


In our modern, overstimulated time, it’s really easy to gloss over life experiences that have impacted you for better or worse. Take the time for silence, for self-reflection, for separation, for the space you need and so often forget to prioritize.

Whether it’s a soothing bath, meditation, a self-help book (no shame!), simply lighting a candle, or just going to sleep early–you need quiet seclusion just as much as you need social bonding.


– Remember to slow down and have calm nights in to recharge my batteries.
– Track my finances by using a weekly expenses excel doc to keep me accountable on the daily.
– Read more novels, specifically historical fiction.

Say peace out to 2018 and kick off 2019 with a bang! Just take the time you deserve—and don’t feel guilty about it. If you’re seeking introspection, you’re already growing. Cheers to you boo.

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