Pamper Rampage a la Babe Scrub

 Your bod called–it’s high time you amp the pampering, and as luck would have it, we’ve got the goods! Say ‘sup to Aussie-based Babe Scrub, aka our favorite new reason to spoil ourselves guilt-free: with certified organic and natural ingredients, it’s all good. (Like, literally.) Between the body soufflés, liquid soaps, and hand creams, we’re gonna have you overachieving in the indulgence

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November ’15 Horoscope

SF-based astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo looks into her crystal ball to forecast your fashion future—so you’ll be all fabulous with no faux-pas. Be at the top of your game this month and discover your sign’s essential power piece (because you can handle almost anything that comes your way when you’re wearing the right outfit), emoji, ballad,


Haunted Hollyweird

Nothing gets us gals worked up like having the ever loving sh*t scared out of us, and as it turns out, Hollywood is the place to do it. We’d heard about the infamous Haunted Hollywood walking tour along the walk of fame, but were like–k, but how scary though, for real? 


The Beach Goths

Are festivals the new fashion week? The past few years have seen an explosive “festival style” trend take root, stemming from the lounging ladies of Lacoste’s Coachella-party poolside, sprouting branches directly into the festival itself, blooming into the shopping carts of every fast fashion retailer nation-wide regardless of event proximity. But if Coachella is the


#NailedThePizza Contest!

As far as hopeless addictions go, pizza is right up there for us with platforms (they tried to make us go to rehab, we said no No NO). So when we found out that Marta of the Insta-famous Hot Girls Eating Pizza had started Trixxie, her own line of cheeky nail decals (don’t even get us started on our nail


Nasty Seance at the Magic Castle

Let’s start off by clarifying: we were total seance virgins. We didn’t even really know what a seance was. Obviously it involved calling on the dead–we knew that–but… then what? Frenetic flickering lights? Chairs launching across the room in some terrifying Poltergeist rage? Would spirits possess a body and start speaking crazy extinct languages? We had no idea


The #GIRLBOSS Tour Diaries

We hopped on the #GIRLBUSS to talk about the paperback, all things #GIRLBOSS, and Nasty Gal. From a Q&A with the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley, in New York to an in-store hang with one of our favorite Los Angeles-based comedians, Whitney Cummings, we had one seriously awesome road trip. Also, it didn’t hurt that Phases performed


Studio Visit: Nightwalker

          Ladies–prepare to crush. Nightwalker, with their bad-girl silhouettes and urban fabrications are bringing new meaning to “slay.” And not only because their muse is a clandestine warrior princess (with an insane origin story the design duo invented themselves), but also because they manage to do it all while running a showroom, creating their own comic book,